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Anybody heard from WillowsMom?

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I'm very concerned about her and have been thinking about her. We haven't heard from her in a while.

If you're out there give us an update my dear. I'm very worried.

PS: I hope this isn't spam.
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I checked her profile, and she posted 2 days ago on a thread.
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Well, it's been four days since she last posted now. I know she was having a lot of problems with very severe pain and swelling caused by some bad teeth...I hope she will post again soon and let us know she's ok.
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Has it only been 4 days? It seems much longer then that to me and I'm very concerned now. Then again, 4 days is a long time for someone in her condition.
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I am also very worried, I had posted to her one night when she had to work while very ill and I am hoping she is well now and just very busy.
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I'm pretty sure she only posts when she's at work. Maybe she's sick and having some time off work?

Cindy if you're out there we're thinking about you! Hope to see you and Willow,Kitman & Blade back soon.
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Cindy.... where are you and how are you doing?

I hope she didn't end up in the hospital or something and ended up losing her job. Do the mods have her phone number by chance? If they do maybe one of them can give her a call. Her condition was very serious last we heard from her.
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I agree - I hope she'll post here soon to update us on how she is.
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I'm starting to get really worried about her. Please if anyone hears from her let us know.

Also since she works in the early hours of the morning and spends alot of time on the net, maybe she got caught??? and she's not allowed or something, I hope she's okay. Does anyone know if she has MSN?
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