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Love Stinks!!

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I've had the blues,
the reds and the pinks,
but one things for sure, baby,

OK I'm all depressed. Someone cheer me up with their love gone bad stories!!

Here's mine from recently.. I was going out with this guy, we got engaged too fast, and then I backed off. Well we were having problems but were trying to work it out. So then one day we have a date planned (at his request because he looooovvvves me so much) and he never shows up.. So I'm pretty steamed and go over there--to find he has a new girlfriend!! Then he STILL wanted me to see him.

Hence forth I shall sit alone on date nights and drown my sorrows in chocolate covered graham crackers playing with my cat. Why are people so inconsiderate? Doth the truth beith too much for me? No, instead lets turn into Jerry Springer. grr.
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Hello I'm sorry this happened...
The way I see it if he really cared for you like he 'says' then:
1: he wouldnt have asked you on a date
2: he'd have told you about her.
If you have any feelings twards him then you 2 need to talk and you need to ask him why he chose to do this to you instead of just telling you. Once you talk and you get some answers you will feel better. You need to let this go after that unless you two work it out. If you cant then good luck. I know it will be hard, but we are here for you.
Dont drown in sorrow. If it turns out that he is a jerk, then trust me I know from experiance it's much more fun to go out get a makeover and make him so jealous he drools! What better payback then making him want you and know he cant have you cause your beauty attracted so many others he's invisible!
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Here's what I told him.. If you ever talk to me, see me, call me, or THINK of me again you will regret that day. And I meant it, lol. Life's too short to play games I think especially since I've been through all that a thousand times before. I mean it kinda sucks being alone but I think it's better than being miserable. Maybe.. this actually really sucks because I'm home alone and just sitting here, my one friend wants to go out but I'd have to drive about 45 minutes to a club and I do not like driving home from that far in the middle of the night on a weekend. Oh well. Things could be worse, much worse
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No, you have that wrong. Love does not stink. Tying your hopes to the wrong man stinks, and he sounds very wrong for you. I've lived through this type of betrayal several times, and I daresay so has over half of the women who congregate here. It just builds stronger character and lets you know what you do NOT want to have in your forever mate.
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I know what you mean...I too am sitting here alone & miserable while everyone else is having fun on a Saturday. It just sucks!

Wanna share those chocolate covered graham crackers?
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shell-- I would love to but i ate them all, oops! So anyhow what do single people do when they sit home alone on weekends?? Is there something fun? I'm bored. All my friends are hooked up, working, or too far away. There has to be something to pass the time..
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I'd love to find the answer to that question too Anna! I've been surfing the net & occasionally watching TV all day. The weather is getting nasty, so I don't plan on leaving the house unless I have to. didn't even save me one graham cracker? LMAO!
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shell.. aren't you going out with that one guy still? Or maybe not, I don't usually come here every day.. Remember when you did that "which outfit" post?? Are you still seeing him?
post #9 of 26's a long story. We're nothing serious at all. We just hang out once a week & chat a couple times a week. He doesn't want anything serious & that's not what I want. So, our "relationship" is not working the way we'd both like it, so we don't hang out as much. We're good friends & treat each other as that. I went on a date with another guy last weekend & it looks like he want's the same thing as Ric. It's like the guys around here only want someone to hang out with & not have a girlfriend. And that's not what I'm into at all.
I found that if I could some how magically combine the two guys into one & I'd have exactly what I'm looking for...but the chances of that are slim to none.

I just hate being single but being in a questionable relationship even more. But at least both guys are being honest with me & telling me that they don't want a GF instead of breaking my heart later. I've got to respect them for their honesty.
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I know what you mean!!! Thankfully most saturday nights (well all wknd nights ) I am usually working, and if not for some odd reason, I have other things planned, that I need the weekend off. It is rather boring at times, but then I enjoy being home alone. I still live at home b/c I can't afford to live on my own, and there aren't that many nights that I can have the whole house to myself! It is great...I can watch whatever I want on tv, go on the net, use the whatever I want! lol Of course, if this is your life and you get to do what you want when you want, then it's not so much fun. I usually try to rent a movie, or phone up a couple of friends who I haven't talked to in a while. Hope you find something to do!
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forgot to add....
once I'd combine the two guys, I'd change their minds on relationships! They both act like they want more, but they tell me the opposite. Men can be so confusing!
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They probably do the same thing married people do when they're home alone and the spouse is gone.

I was alone today and it's not our weekend to have our son so I way by myself, watching TV, computing, and napping.
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*old married woman plops down next to the singles and wishes to share graham crackers... brings mocha chocolate chip and banana muffins to share.*

that situation does stink annabelle and you are right about life being too short to play such games. hope he gets his head straight or you find some one who will treat you with the dignity you deserve.
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I'm sorry I didnt reply very fast...had bad stomache ache and was laying down after some pepto....

It's good ur able to tell him off. Just dont let him keep you down. Think of the benifits of being alone: more u time(we all need that). Use it for extra pampering , u can meet new guys and get to feel that wonderfull 'new stuff' buzz. You're also free to do what you want.
If It wasnt so far I'd go. Get all sexy looking and go out. Have fun and be confident. I bet you'll have guys flocking to dance with you. Eventually this will all be a memory and you will care less.
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Really! Go have fun with friends, and don't worry about being single. Sometimes being married is not all it is cracked up to be. Sometimes just when you stop looking, someone wonderful drops right in your lap. I think you should treat yourself to something that will make you feel good. Go have your hair done, have a massage,(I highly recommend that), or just go see a movie you would not go to with a date.
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I totally agree with Krazy Kat 2, I was single for AGES we're talking years here, and the minute I stopped looking and started having a laugh with my mates I met my boyf, 3 years and just moved in together. The guy sounds like he isn't worth any of your valuable time and effort. I hate to sound like a cliché but life's too short!
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oh boy, I missed so much over the weekend... anna, that guy doesn't deserve you at all.... well, i'm single and i do feel every single bit u guys are feeling out there...give yourself some space to relax and hang around at something all by yourself... it will be very rewarding...
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At least you found out he was a scum bag before you married him. The idiot I (married? I got it annuled by the State of California) said he didn't want to hurt me. He didn't love me but he went ahead with the marriage anyway.
I hate to tell you this girl but there are a lot of males out their and very few men. You need to find something to do. This Saturday night I had a female friend come over and we baked about 10 dozen cookies for a bake sale, the proceeds went to an organization to fund a low cost spayed and neuter clinic.
I do know loneliness. I suffer from depression. I have been to the edge and decided that I wanted to live. Hang in there girl, it does get better.

Love Goblin/Annette
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Thanks It's not a huge deal, just a really big shock.. We were broken up, but I thought that "working it out" meant not talking to other people. And to be fair I was the one who broke it off in a messy way so I probably hurt him a lot too. It was hard my first weekend w/o a boyfriend, and this will be my first christmas without a bf in TEN years, since I was 13 I have had a bf for christmas, lol! I guess it's time to take a break. It doesn't bother me that we're broken up because it was needed, I guess it just hurt my pride that he had already moved on.. But whatever, I've moved on faster in the past so I should shut up lol! I feel much better today, definitely not perfect or anywhere near, and I'm still pretty sulky and have been crying a bit, but I feel a lot better than I did last night. It's nice to be able to come on here and vent and get some support, I really appreciate it

And you said it, Annette, at least I didn't marry him!! Our wedding date was supposed to be Oct 18, 2003, but I postponed it in january, then completely ended the engagement in about march or so, but if for some reason i had let it go on I'd be a miserable married woman right now.. so there's one thing to celebrate
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Altough 'love' does 'stink,' it also teaches us. I am only able to say this because of what happened to me this weekend.huhhhh. Glenn, as I shall call him(instead of %$#@*&^%), is COMPLETELY NUTS. It was his birthday on sat and we went into Boston for what I tho8ght was going to be a good time. That couldn't have been futher from the truth.
Yada,yada,yada.....moew blah later, on sunday we're sitting in my car crying together. Happy that we were so creul to each other becase now we have OPENED up our communation lines. Perhaps this time we will be better able to deal w/each other rather than the day before our wedding telling each other we hated each other like 18mths ago. In 18mths, I've learned to care for me first and him slightly second.
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I'm 44 - never been married. I would never sit at home on a weekend night, unless I wanted to. I have a lot of friends (some married - some not). I invite my friends and their husbands over for dinner and a hockey game. I go with my friends to sporting events or out to dinner. I will go see a movie or show one at my house and invite a bunch of people over. I am very involved in my church and am very busy with all kinds of events. I am not waiting around for a man to make me feel complete. At this age, I am not really looking for anybody. If I met the man of my dreams (and I mean he would have to be the man of my dreams) I would not be closed to a relationship with him, but I'm not going to sit around and wait till he shows up.
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Love doesen't stink if you find the right person
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OK maybe poor choice of words, I just titled it love stinks because I think the song is funny, I don't literally mean that love stinks lol, I just meant that relationships and the dating scene are hard at times..
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Wishing you the best anna

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I do admire you strength!!! A lot of women would not be able to do what you did and would have stayed! That shows you have character and are self assured!!!! You deserve someone that appreciates all of that.
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I'll share those graham crackers with you! LOL I'll bring some home-made brownies, too. Yup, the male half of the species officially sucks. I don't think there is a more appropriate thread on this board for what I'm dealing with in my life at the moment.

My fiance and I broke up about a month and a half ago. And while I've had my share of dates in that month and a half, I feel like I'm drowning or something. The dating scene can be so over-whelming! The guys who are interested in me are jerks, and aren't interested in me for my personality, if you know what I mean. And the nice, sweet, responsible guys that I'd like to date are all "just friends" with me! Grrr . . .

I do totally agree with your decision about cutting things off completely with that guy . . . that's what I did with my ex. It's hard, but so much better than the alternative.
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