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Another visitor

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This is Tux. I am not sure if it is a male or female. He's pretty big so I'm guessing male but cant be sure.

He likes to come over to eat too.. even though most of the ferals hang out in the lot next door where we have the feral feeder. Sometimes him and Prego both sit on the patio. They dont seem to mind each other.

This is the closest I've gotten to him. Normally the second he sees me he runs.

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ooh what a sweet faced kitty!
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What a cutie and very pretty baby .
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ohhhh what a cutie pie the kitty just has a male look to me but i could be wrong!
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He/she looks like a cross between Punky and the black and white tuxedo cat that we're feeding. We named the black and white cat Sylvester (we think it's a male) or Sylvie if it's a female. I'll try to post a recent pic, but it's difficult to take one because our tuxedo cat appears in the evening when it's dark out and sleeps on the wicker at night, but doesn't stay on the porch during the morning or afternoon.

We think Sylvester is a male because he's so big and tall (large paws!) and really, a magnificent looking cat. But, we could be wrong, too! If it is a male, it's definitely neutered, as we don't really see any male anatomy. My son pet Sylvester on the head the other day and when our daughter brought him some food, he licked her hand. He's definitely tamer and not as skittish as he was in the past.
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
the kitty just has a male look to me but i could be wrong!
I know!! Kitty just LOOKS like a male. Something about the face. I havent had a chance yet to catch a glimpse back there cuz he just runs away.
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He's gorgeous!!!

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OoOO Sicy. He looks so sweet. Bet if you tried to touch him he'd hiss and run though!

I'm sure like Prego he'll come to learn that you are not evil, but good. Then maybe they can both learn to let you love and pet them together!
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