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New here..see my "feral" Cat pic

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<center><img src=></center>

This may or may not work. But I will try it anyway. OH by the way.....I am new to this forum. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and 4 birds plus 3 children who are 3,5 and 9. One of our cats (the one above) we found just about 3 weeks ago pregnant!! She was soooooo wild. But now she will let us do anything to her. I am not sure when she is due. Soon I think. She lets us rub her belly and everything. She has a thousand names. My middle son is allergic to cats.....severly. We sweep everyday....the furniture and everything. His door stays closed and he knows NOT to touch the cat. The other 2 cats stay out on the porch sun bathing most of the time. One of our cats must be hypoallergenic because she doesn't seem to bother him. I am so anxious about the kittens. I have never had anything have babies before. Except me of course. Well, I hope we get to know each other and help each other out. Good Day!
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Goofed the first one up!
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Let me try to post a photo of my real kids
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Your kids and cat are lovely. Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you with us.
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Eggmelia; Your Momma Cat (to be) is a very unusual color; a beautifu chocolate brown with gold highlights. We welcome you and your cats and the happy children to our cat site family. :pinky: Keep us posted; we love to hear the details of new kitten birth. It will be a wonderful experience for you and the children!

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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Welcome to the site to ALL your family.
A fine looking crew.

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What a lovely family!
I hope you will visit often and tell of your tales and tails!!
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What beautiful photos!!
I think it is wonderful that you took in this cat! and one that is pregnant too!!
She is very lucky to have a home.
Is there any particular name she is called by?
Can't wait to see pics of the kittens!!

Nomar's mommy
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What a lovely cat, and children too!! Welcome to the site - enjoy!!
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Well mommy cat......A.K.A. Furby, Fatcat and Mommy is still pregnant. She just lays around all the time. Unless the dog comes in then she pesters him. He is at the vet getting neutered today so she has a day off. I have been watching for signs of her upcoming labor. No sign yet. My husband says she looks like a house. HUGE! My youngest son wants to name all the babies Pizza. What a create little guy. It's gonna kill me if she has more than we can keep. I know I will not be able to keep them all. Our vet will not spay or neuter them until 12 weeks so we are all going to get attached. I am not so sure I will give them away until they are fixed. If I did they would probably end up on my doorstep pregnant.Later new friends!!
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Thats just too cute!
Maybe you can talk him into naming 1 Pepperoni, 1 Canadian Bacon, 1 Sausage Mushroom, etc? :laughing2:

You have a beautiful family, both the human and the feline!

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WELCOME!!!!!!!! I am so glad you have joined us!! Your cat is very pretty, and your kids are adorable!!!!!!!!!! Let us know how everything goes with the kittens!!!
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We now have 4 beautiful kittens. 1 yellow, 1 lt. cream, 1 solid
gray and 1 calico. And I am wore out. I will post pictures soon. Thanks!!
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Ooooooo Kitties!!! I wish I could have them all!!! Please post some pics asap!! I cant wait!! its sooooo exciting!

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The first one is the tellow tiger striped it's name is Basil. The second one is real pale cream, named Camille. She will not let me have the other two yet. The gray one is her favorite. Also the most active. That little guy is going everywhere. I will post pictures this evening of the other two. OH the last one is absolutely adorable. Perfect calico. sooooo cute. My favorite. Its name is Talulah. The second picture is on the next post.
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Oh BLESS!!!!! They are just toooooo cute!! Thanks for posting the pictures Im waiting for the next ones !!

(Ooooo I wish I could cuddle them!)

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Those babies are just too cute! And your children are beautiful. Sorry I didn't get a chance to welcome you earlier. I was out of town this weekend. So, Welcome to The Cat Site!
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What a lucky kitty to have found such a wonderful (and handsome) family.

Thank you for sharing the birth with us. It's clear already that you are going to be a real asset to our family of cat lovers.
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WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE - Thanks for sharing with us!
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OK I finally got a picture of all 4 of them. They are from left to right. Talulah, Boomer, Basil and Camille. She is doing really great with them. The calico seams to wonder off and not eat as much as the others. The little gray one is her most favorite, the runt and the easiest born. I change my favorite everyday. The birthing process was amazing. Her labor went for 8 hours without progress so off to the vet we went. 2 shots of pitocin and $112 later we had all 4 guys. The vet gave me wormer but she will NOT take it. I have tried canned food, tuna, chicken nuggets and shoving it down her throat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will post a better picture soon. I want my husband to keep mommy cat busy so I can get a face shot. They are so cute. I just may keep them all. Well, maybe not!!
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Your family and your furbabies are absolutely adorable! Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Oh those kittens are ADORABLE!! I am so glad you showed us!!!
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First of all: Welcome to the site! I am a little late at posting to this one! Second of all, Congrats on your kittens! They are all so cute! And, your feral momma cat is so pretty! : Are you keeping the kittens for yourself?
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