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Berkley Tries to Run Out ALOT!

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Berkley tries to run out of the door EVERY time we open it. She gets out but doesn't go very far. Its very annoying, not to mention bad for little Berkley to be told "NO" and nudged back each and every time we enter or leave the house.
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to break her of the habit of trying to get outside?
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Can you set up some sort of barricade before the door? Like screens, or even some sort of baby gate barricade, or start cleaning the inside of your door with vinegar (test a small area for color steadfastness first) because cats dislike the smell of vinegar and will shy away from the area it has been used on. There are also ultrasonic devices you can set near your door to keep your cat away, though I am not sure if they work, only that I have seen them.
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Thanks hissy! There is no hallway in front of the door to set up any kind of baby gate It just opens straight into the room. I will try the vinegar but not too much of it, I don't want a smelly living room. Maybe a hint of vinegar will do the trick. I will try it!
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Yknow, ever since Zoey got out into the hall that one night, when I come in now she just kinda sticks her head out, looks from side to side then runs back in

Saki is actually terrified to go out the door! It's so odd. I picked him up one day and was going to go introduce him to my neighbors cats, and before I even stepped 2 ft out the door he clawed his way off of me and ran back into my house!

So.. you could say I'm happy about that lol.

Maybe when Berkley runs out make some terrible noise or something so he'll run back in. Or I wonder if spraying bitter apple by the bottom of the door would help?
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She has been trying to escape for about 3 years now! We yell at her, "NO" bang on the walls as we leave to scar her away! No luck yet! I will try the smelly stuff, vinegar and apple to see how that works. At least now in the new house, the door we use most is the garage door so if she escapes, she will only run into the garage instead of outside

Thanks hissy and sicy!
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Another alternative is to hang a lemon scented deoderizer on the doorknob? I know I spelled that word wrong, but Noddy is laying on my dictionary right now.
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I saw a post by sherral this week where her baby kept running out the door. She put a harness and leash on him, took him out for 5 minutes and he didn't want to do that anymore. Look in fur pictures from a few days ago.
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we had a cat that used to do that all the time so we
put an old end table there so he coulden't get out
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