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I had my surgery on Wednesday morning, and am doing ok, but still tired. I have that awful smell and tast still, and its making me nausious (sp). I am hoping its the after taste of the antibiotic that my dr. gave me (ceftin) for 5 days. I guess he told me huband they took a cyst from my right side of my nose, and I have some packing. It feels like Ive been punched in the nose. I go see him on Wednesday afternoon to have the packing removed, i think. Hubby didnt really understand the medical terminology that the dr. told him, so Ill have to wait til Wednesday. All I know, is I cant stand this taste and smell anymore
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I'm glad to hear you're back and you're okay. Please make sure you follow your doctor's orders so you heal well.
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OMG poor baby , I am sorry you don't feel to great after your surgery .I am glad though the surgery went well .

I will say a prayer for healing for you
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Glad you're doing ok. I was thinking about you (as I sit here in my own missery in the same situation!) I'm wondering if the smell and taste is from the packing? My doctor doesn't use packing anymore (thank god) and I didn't have any smell or taste. He uses these little splints instead of packing. I'm on day 4 and still can not breathe out of my nose. I'm going to lay down with an ice pack today and see if that helps.

Good luck! And remember, you're not alone!
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I'm glad you made it out of surgery and you're okay. But you sound in lots of pain. Sending lots of good healing vibes your way. Hugs.
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The boys and I are sending you and Tammy(mzjazz2u)healing vibes. I hope that you both feel better real soon

{{{{{HUGS TO YOU BOTH}}}}}
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This is the bad smell/taste that I have been battling for the last 5 years or so. My ct scan showed fluids in my sinuses, and my ent thought that surgery was the last resort. I've been on different antibiotics, and none took care of the sinusitis. I'll find out in a few days. It kind of went away for a little bit today.
What kind of meds did they give you? I was given hydrocodone liquid (mild to moderate pain) and percocet. I didnt use the percocet. And, then some god awful suppositories for nausea and vomiting. I had to use that only once thank god, but I had no choice. How are you feeling? YOu had your septum repaired didntyou?
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I had my septum repaired, turbinates made smaller and I had quite a few large cysts in several of my sinuses. One of them was a big grape size black thing. Sorry but that's how the surgeon described it to me! It got sent off to the pathologist. Quite often I had a strange smell in my nose but it wasn't so repulsive. It always smelled kind of like cigarette smoke even though I'm no where around cigarettes. For a long time I kept going room to room to see who the hell had the nerve to smoke in my house. (I have asthma too).

I believe the hydrocordone is Lortab and that is also what I had. I didn't get anything for nausea but I didn't get nauseous. Maybe that has to do with packing?? Cuz like I said earlier, my doc doesn't use packing anymore. THANK GOD!! I also am taking an antibiotic called Levaquin for 10 days. Plus I was on it for 3 weeks before the surgery. It's freeking expensive! Glad I didn't have to pay for the whole thing! I think my last 20 Levaquin were $145.That's almost $8 a pill! Sheesh. The only other things I'm on are Entex PSE (decongestant) and saline nose spray. And I have to clean my nose out alot. The first 2 days it was about 15 times a day. I'd have to use about 20 qtips each time dipped in peroxide. Now it's pretty clean and I just swab it 2 times a day. It doesn't hurt to do that but it hurts to touch the tip of my nose on the outside. Oh, and I have stitches on the inside of one nostil because they were too small for the doc to work with.

Tonight my nasal passages seem to be clearning a bit from this morning. It's still hard to sleep because I breathe through my mouth and my throat gets sore. Plus I was intubated which also irritated the throat. I assume you were too. I garggled with salt water often, which seemed to help my throat. My nose seems to be getting down a little closer to normal size too today! YAY!! It's not shiney and really wide like it was after surgery. I could even see the contours of it tonight! Funny the simple things that make us happy!

I still get very tired too. Anesthesia wreeks havoc on most of us but it especially takes its toll on me because I also have narcolepsy. Today I went shopping with my hubby for 2 hours and I thought I was going to dye. I think I had a fever today though. I kept sweating really bad (even though it was about 12 degrees out today).

Oh and another good thing happened today! I smelled food cooking! That was the first time I could smell anything since Tuesday!

Hang in there. I've heard the packing is the worst thing so I'm so glad I didn't have it. (Not trying to rub it in or anything....) I go in MOnday morning to have the splints removed from the inside of my nose. I have a feeling that's what makes the tip sore. There just like paper thin and on the inside walls of my nose. I prayed tonight that I wake up in the morning and can move air through my nose! Let me know how you're feeling tomorrow. We can whine together.
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Oh my! Sorry that was SOOOOO long! But one more thing that helps is an ice pack over your eyes and nose. It helps the swelling too. A bag of frozen peas or corn is perfect because it conforms to your face.
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I know that when I woke up, I remembering throwing up, and hubby said it was blood that ran down into my stomach. I did it when I got home too. SO I think that is what the suppositories were for. I dont know if i was intubated. My throat wasnt scratchy or sore, just maybe from throwing up. I took levaquin for 3 weeks when I saw the ent before the one I have now. I was also on Biaxin for 2 weeks before seeing the 1st ent, which my primary doctor put me on. When I went & saw my current ent, he had me on Augmentin for 4 weeks, and presidnone for 4 days, all which didnt get rid of the fluids. Did your ent say you will have to have this done in the future, or are you done for good? Ya, my nose is starting to clear too.
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Gosh Tigger I didn't know you were unwell - I don't come by as often as I'd like these days. Sorry you had to go through this horrible surgery, but I sure hope it was worth it and it cures your sinus troubles.

Get well soon!!!
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