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My dad and sisters are the only other people that I have seen with my same feet. I know a lot of people say that have the same toes, but if you saw mine, you would die laughing! Because my second is like over a half inch longer than my first!! LOL My family always says if I cut it off I could wear a size 8 instead of a size 10 shoe!!!!!
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Welcome to the new people!

Two things TCS people doesn't know about me YET-
I CAN'T sleep without something covering my ears.. Had a fear as a kid that someone would sneak in and cut off my ears. Ironic thing is that I'm deaf!! Why would I have a fear of someone cutting my ears off?!?

I have a DEATHLY fear of snakes since I was bitten on a finger when I was a kid. My brother found a snake and brought it over to us to show and I reached out to touch the snake and got bitten on one of my fingers. My brother tried to pull the snake away but its fangs was still in my finger so when he pulled it away, the fangs tore my finger..

My family got the snake in a jar and rushed me to the hospital to see if the snake was poisonous. The dr who was to treat me took forever getting venom from the snake (over an hour) and another dr walked in and asked what he was doing. When the 1st dr told him what he was doing, the 2nd dr said, "the snake isn't poisonous". The 1st dr asked how he knew that and the 2nd dr said, "if it was poisonous, that girl would be dead by now." Ever since, I can't EVEN watch movies with a snake in it without getting sick. I still have a scar on my finger from where he bit me. Weird thing is I HAVE NO MEMORY OF THE WHOLE INCIDENT.... I am just TERRIFIED OF SNAKES but can't remember why.. (mom told me what happened after I went to a birthday party and FREAKED out when a friend showed us her snake- I couldn't understand why I was so terrified of snakes and that's when my mom told me what happened to me as a kid)
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Thanks for the welcome

Something nobody here knows... I volunteer at a native plant farm pulling weeds. I'm a wildlife lover, and I especially like reptiles and bugs...
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Hi New Posters Hmmmmmm...something noone knows about me
Oh! I know....I am deathly afraid of attics and basements..not sure why except that when I was a small child there was a house that my Granny worked at that I was terrified off and would not go in there at all!

Another thing is that I must have all of the window curtains closed when it gets dark no matter what! I had an experience when I was a child(not another one!) that my Dad asked me to go in the living room to close the shades. When I reach up to pull it down there was a man standing in the window peering in. Scared 10 years growth off of me! Heythat might be a good thing though

Anywho enough about me...what about you???
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Hafadai to all of the new posters... Hope You have fun here.

The thing noone knows about me is I am scared of bees (stung twice) And also scared of heights too. What about You?
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This is rather a hard question to answer considering I am rather secretive. Let see, I like all animals but I get nervous around frogs. I am not scared,I just don't like them (like I don't like flies,roaches and mosquitoes).
I love nature trips but my citybreeding insists that I bring along my cellphone,enough change of clothes for a month,and medical emergency stuff to supply a small hospital
How about you?
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Somethings people do not know about me.

I can't walk down an open stairway; the stairs have to have a wall on at least one side.

I also can't walk down unless my hand is on the banister.

I have never driven a car.
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I guess a lot of people do not know that i need to cover myself up with my blankie except for my two feet.. they need to be exposed... no matter how hot it is, i can't sleep without my blankie

i'm afraid of morey(sp) eels. I'm not sure why but they just have this horrible look on their face and they are really long....eeee....
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I am basically a loner. I would rather be by myself than be in a big crowd
Which is rough because i married into a big family.
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Something interesting about me....I have never not had cats. One of our cats lived until she was 18. My brother works in the wine industry in SA (a very cool job). My stepbrother committed suicide last year....

Oh, and I like to wander around the house with no clothes on - drives my husband scatty!
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Hissey, I don't like to walk barefooted either. I can't stand the feel of dirt on my feet. I also, don't like shoes, too confining. I wear flipflops at home. Sandals when I can, good weather.
That's all I can think of right now.
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