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High pee-ing!

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My cat is a male american short hair named "Lucky." Lucky is a sensitive little creature, he's afraid of noise, wind, yelling, outdoors. He doesn't like the doors closed he freaks out, which is something that has developed in his adult years. The main issue I have is his peeing high on the walls, but on purpose. He can be napping then gets up to eat, and all of a sudden peed walls! I don't yell especially knowing his nature, but I'm fuming. What to do? He does in corners, on doors and walls from time to time. Don't leave plastic bags on the floor, he will leave a puddle of yellow. I have two litter boxes, but so so so so tired of this. I need a spell vibes.gif to make this go away or I'm running away from home.sigh.gif
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Is he neutered? If so have you seen a vet to rule out a medical issue?

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i second seeing the vet. 


then, i'd add high covered litterboxes to the areas he's spraying.  two are not enough for Lucky, apparently.  Has anything been going on to stress him out recently? new house, new pet/baby, neighborhood cats? is he neutered?

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