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Saturday Daily Thread

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It's almost 9:00 in the morning, I'm the only registered user on the boards and there is no daily thread started. Guess I get the chance for once to do it. Gotta work today, bleh ! But it pays the bills and keeps the kitties fed. Hope everyone has a good day !
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I'm trying to get caught up on housework today- bleck .Tonight we are going to my cousins wedding reception, he got married in Jamaica a few weeks ago, and they are throwing a big family event. Theres supposed to be a dance afterwards, but we had already comitted to going to the bar with a few friends. I'm hoping we can divide up our time at both maybe.

I've realized this morning that since getting my labret piercing last night, I have to learn to drink from a cup/can again My lip is a bit swollen, and I tried to take a drink from a can of coke , and spilled it everywhere

Boy, I'm not sure what the weather has been like in the rest of the nation, but its definitely 'furnace oil season' here. I'm going to have to call and order another fill in a few days. I just can't seem to get and stay warm. Bleck- darn winter
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Melissa - won't you be worried about the water coming out of the hole in your labret? LOL One tip - use a straw. My sister has a pierced labret also - I sound as if we are a family of pierced and tattooed freaks LOL.

Did the groceries, waiting to be approved for a sidekick thingy, credit approval is needed so all the good approval vibes are needed. This tmobile sidekick is like a pager thingy with email, text message, etc and a lot of deaf people have them. THey are on special for $88 this month after rebates ($160 instant rebate) so its not bad at all!

Hubby is going into work today, I still have a cold, its now progressed to where I can not breathe thru my nose and have to blow my nose every 5 seconds.

I hope you all have a great day!
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Yeah thats the running joke amoung my friends- "lets see if you can squirt water out of the piercing hole" Its a very small one, 16 gauge- so no tricks like that are gonna happen *note to self- get straws at store

I sent hubby out for some polysporin, antibacterial soap and listerine and he came home with rubbing alcohol and the wrong mouth wash , so I have to go back out to get the proper things in a bit. Silly guy..

Kellye, did your sister have any problems with her labret damaging her gums or teeth? I can feel mine clicking against my teeth when I talk, and I'm paranoid about chipping. Someone told me to get orthodontic paste, like people use for braces, to rub on the labret backing. I think I might invest in a rubber-backed stud at some point too.

Sorry to hear about your cold, btw Cold season sucks.
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Happy Saturday everyone!

So far I've slept in...did it feel wonderful or what? Now, I'm really debating if I should go back home tonight or not. It's supposed to snow & get really crappy tonight. I've got a surprise birthday party that I was invited to & would love to go, but I don't know if I should since the weather is "if-y". Looks like the whole Midwest might get hammered on with snow & I can not afford to get snowed in back home. But in the same since, I'll be super ticked if the weather isn't as bad as what their claiming. It's really a no win situation! Argh!

Hope all is well with everyone & hope that you all have wonderful weekends!

Melissa, did that hurt to get your labret? It sounds painful to me!
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Ew. I am sqicked out by the piercing talk. I am ok with multiple ear piercings, and I like a nice little nose ring or diamond stud (on one nostril, not the centre bit). I love bellybutton rings, although I would never get one myself. But I just shudder when I hear you talk about these other piercings. And things clicking on teeth! Reminds me of fingernails on chalkboard. I know I am showing my age!

I was at a cocktail party last night, and had a tiny bit too much to drink. Just enough too much to have the right amount of fun. But today I keep drinking coffee and water, hoping the headache will go away. Because I am at work.
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I got my teeth chipped a lot when I had my tongue piercing which is why I removed it. I think my sister had the same problem. I agree, a rubber backed stud or a ring would be better. Good luck! I would love to see photos too, and of your new hairdo!
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Well nothing is more exciting on a Sunday morning than a brand new litter of kittens!

Today I'm going to do some cleaning and have a hot soak... aaaaaah
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Mike is installing a new garbage disposal. This last one was only 5 years old, but lately it started vibrating and making noises when it was turned off.

I am staying off my foot, although the general look of my house makes me want to jump up and clean it! Mike is a good man, but he doesn't know how to clean up a room. I will probably not be able to find things for quite sometime.

Mike's mom turned 96 yesterday. I doubt she even noticed it, as far into dementia as she has traveled. Neither Mike or his sister went to visit, because it works mom up into such a state afterwards. Her name at the home is "she who flings bedpans!"
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Shell- yes it hurt A LOT!!!! I've had surgery, had two kids etc and I'm telling ya, the pain rivaled those things. They pierce from the inside of the mouth out through the front, and the skin on the outside of your face is a lot less pliable- so it doesn't hurt for the first second, but when the stud comes through the outside- holy moly!! I had tears in my eyes and felt hot and dizzy for a few moments afterwards until it blessedly went numb

I'm hopefully taking pics tonight, and i'll post one if I can
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Good grief Woman! That sounds awful! I'm such a wuss at pain...I can't even handle the thought of it!

Hope you post some pic's! I'd like to see it!
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Were preparing ourselves for the 6 feet of snow were gonna get tomorrow...YAY!!!!!
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what?! snow?! no! i'm not ready.

just dropped in to say hello. :wavey
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Jan, you better get prepared! The whole Midwest is gonna get hammer with it tonight & tomorrow!
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oh shoot...forgot to add...
Hi Jan!
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i just checked the weather channel website and it says possible snow here tomorrow but a high of 52F. so HOPEFULLY we are not in the path of the snow. (hope, hope, hope.)

i just want to stay nice til the end of the week when my brother and his family come.
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Lucky you...Nebraska is planning on getting hit pretty hard last time I checked. I hope not...I hate snow! Plus, this week is Thanksgiving & I've got to travel back home. Scares the bejeezes outta me to drive on snowy & icy roads!
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Hi Jan!! Long time no see!!!

It's been snowing here all day. And I mean SNOWING!!! We were getting about an inch per hour this morning, and the roads were horrible. We've got a nice fire going though, which Ophelia is enjoying very much. Well, she was until the wood started popping!
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