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I've only just had time to read this thread.

Congratulations on the kittens. Don't worry yourself over posting the pictures just yet, (just as long as you're taking plenty of pictures to choose from to show us later). Just focus on taking care of the little ones after their eventful arrival. Sending *Get Better and Grow Up Strong* vibes to the little black bicolour kitten.
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Thank you Mags.

My 7 purrpuffs are doing well today.
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I am glad to read this Sam . Hopefully they will continue like that .
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Thanks Hedi. All babies are doing well.. I'm pretty sure my older litter is all going to live and same with the younger litter yay! pics soon I promise
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Way to go Sam!!

That's great news!
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Hollys little black bicolor boy died today, he was fine up until yesterday morning then he started being lethargic, not eating, not walking and stuff and I knew his time was up.. But he has a brain defect and he had a corkscrew tail so if he had lived we would have had to get him put down anyways... RIP Captivating Mirrorcool.

Hollys blue boy is gorgeous but he's going to be a persian

and her Red Bicolor boy, is actually a tortoishell because it has black on it's head making it unshowable so he's going to be a pet as well as the blue.

Sophies kittens are all fine
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Sam I am sorry of the loss of your kitten , may he RIP
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I'm sorry for your loss of Captivating Mirrorcool. May he find some peace at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Thank you guys

I have named most of my kittens now...

Sophies Litter.. her black male exotic(for sale breeding or pet) is called "Captivating The Highway Man" , He's a gorgeous chunky boy. His pet name is "Highway"

Her red tabby persian male(for sale as pet) is called "Captivating Gummy Bear", He's such a darling, always first to drink the bowl of milk. We call him "Gummy"

Her black bicolor female exotic(pet also, sadly as she has beautiful markings) is called "Captivating Poem Of Love". She's such a doll. Her call name is "Poem" or sometimes just Po.

And we have the most darling little Brown Tortoishell Tabby Bicolor Exotic Female called "Captivating Come What May". "Acorn" has this name because she has no white on her face and our standard says a bicolor kitten must have white on her face so we can't show her but overseas standards apply so she's up for sale.

This litter of kittens is now three weeks and I will have photos *crosses fingers* tomorrows of these little darlings.

Hollys litter is doing fine and they are 11 days old today. We have a blue male persian and a red bicolor mac. tabby exotic, names are still being decided for these little fellas.

Thanks for all the support and I have received here.

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Originally posted by a_loveless_gem
Hey! Thanks Sweetie! *hugs back*
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Sam the names for the kittens you have , like Captivating The Highway Man" and "Captivating Gummy Bear" is funny and cute of course ."Captivating Poem Of Love sound wonderful . My favored name is "Captivating Gummy Bear" this name is to cute . I am happy all the moms and the rest of the kittens are doing fine . Cant wait to see all the pics of them .
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Thanks Hedi I had to laugh as well, we like our babies to have cute names.

Mum said hopefully we will be picking up the disc tonight...!
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Those names are SOOOO cute!!! You were very creative with picking them.

Can't wait to see pictures.
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Congrats on the new babies. I am sorry to hear that you lost some of them.
Can;t wait to see the pics :hint :hint
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