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Meet O'Malley

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I just wanted to introduce everyone to my cat; O'Malley.

You can see a picture of him at: http://www.9point9.net/pix/MVC-434F.JPG.

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Dear Kizmet; O'Malley is so-o-o-o-o-o FINE! Is he all white (except for the little brown spot by his left ear ? I have always said, "Nothing is as pretty, as an ALL WHITE kitty!!!" How old is he? I love his "copper eyes"! If I have not said it yet; WELCOME (to you and O'Malley)!!!! Come back often and stay long. . . . .

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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O'Malley (aka Mo Mo) isn't pure white. He's got some light & dark brown patchs on his back as well as some tiger stripping on his tail. You can see more pictures of him (and my pregnant wife ) at http://www.9point9.net/pix/.


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Hi and welcome. O'Malley is sweet and I love the name. A touch of Irish?
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Thank you very much. And yes, my wife is very Irish and was dying to name him O'Malley

Thanks again,

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Your wife and your cat are both very beautiful! I absolutely LOVE his eyes! His coat is also unique and eye catching. Very beautiful!
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Hi there Kizmet :angel2:

That's some cool cat you've got there! I have one similar to him, but your O'Malley is really wild looking with those eyes!

Love & Peace
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Your O'Malley is fantastic! My favorite pic is the #...37.
How soon before your other child arrives?
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Oh yes I forgot to say congrats!
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Kizmet; Thanks; I enjoyed all the pics of O'Malley. He may not be all white, as I first thought, but he is still a very "Handsome Boyo". I, too have a cat named MoMo. MoMo (that Monster Boy) to be exact. I would also like to know when your child is due. We have several members who are currently expecting. . . . .
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Thank you very much everyone

As far as the baby, we're expecting any day now. We're 7 days overdue at this point.

Thanks again!

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O'Malley is a beautiful cat. He looks so friendly. I am half Irish and think that is a great name. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your baby.:bubbly:
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MoMo is really beautiful and those great big beautiful eyes. Judging by his expression I'm willing to bet ya he will probably get everything he wants and then some. Welcome MoMo to your new "family"(the cat site You could double for the Easter Bunny
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Dear Kizmet :angel2:

I guess I missed your post of the other pictures! I'm so glad to have come back and caught that. He is such a beauty! Tell me, is he a Mommy's boy? For some reason, he appears to be protecing her on that couch ...

Congrats on your baby! God Bless You All! :angel2::angel4:
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Hi Kizmet!
Your cat looks very sweet. I have a cat who is simialr to that, her name is Shasta and she has blue eyes, but she is all white. She looks almost exactly the same!

Welcome to the cat site!
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Catarina!!! What a beautiful picture you have attached!!!!!!!

Scott!!! Welcome to you, your wife, and your adorable cat!!!! I hope you will let us know when the baby is born!
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Hi and welcome. I thought you might have named O'Malley after the cat in Aristrocats. congratulation on your baby. Your cat is very beautiful and seems to love posing for the camera.

Alicia and Jake
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Cat...I have to agree! Where do you get such wonderful attachments! They make the post!
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Scott - Welcome to the Cat Site! I love your cat, he's really unique looking. I think white cats are so pretty.

I bet your wife is about ready to have that baby. I remember those days, and not fondly. Let us know how it goes!
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Welcome Scott!! What a wonderful cat you have!!! Stick around and let us know when the baby comes!
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