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Cat name suggestions

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HI Everyone, thought I'd share my newest addition-but my husband and I haven't decided on a name yet. I was thinking of Tigger-but I am open to cute suggestions from you guys.
What do you think he looks like? Once I find a name, he'll be added to my 'kitty' signature
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Oh He's cute! The first thing that popped into my mind for him was Jaffa and then Rex..

Good luck naming him!!
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He looks like a Sinclair to me-
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P#3, hehehe, I literally saw him for the first time tonight! My mother in-law found him playing under a car and picked him up to keep him from being run over. He was by my husband's side when I walked in the door from coming home from work
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What a cutie he is the first thing that popped in my head was Rufus, I don't know why
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Awwwww he's SO cute
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He is cute.

How about Tiger?
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What a cutie pie he is .

How is "Snuggles" for a name or "Charmer" or "Mr. and your first letter of your last name to Mr. ?
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Seeing the 1st pic, I immediately thought: Elfquest

Pic 4 also gives me an Elfquest sort of feeling

Such a cutie - looks to be the same age/size as the little stray (5 weeks old) I found a few months ago.
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OOoOO I like Sinclair!!!

I also like Pippin! (Thinking LOTR here... dunno.. I just think Pippin is cute and fits!)
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hehe Craig (my boyfriend) said you should name him Gizmo because he has big eyes like Gizmo!
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For some reason, the name Franklin jumped into my mind...

He's really cute!
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Originally posted by blondiecat
What a cutie he is the first thing that popped in my head was Rufus, I don't know why
Once I saw blodiecat's vote for Rufus, Rudy popped into my head (after looking at your baby's photo). To me, he looks like a Rudy.
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He reminds me of my lost kitty named Jake. Same coloring, I called him "Jakey".

Sooo cute, great of you to keep him and give him a safe home
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Xanthe, which means firey one.
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He looks my Leo. One of the reasons we named him Leo is when I picked up my Cornell Book of Cats to see what might be wrong with him, (it was just a cold) it fell open to a quote from Leonardo Di Vinci, "The smallest feline is a masterpiece." Leo did indeed turn out to be a masterpiece, and quite a large feline.
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What a cutie. We always wait until their personality decides a name.

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cassie.. i was gonna suggest gizmo too, that's what popped into my head when i first saw him.. weird lol
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I know it's kind of cliche right now, but "Nemo" is a cute name...

I like all of the "o" names...


And something tough (kittens are always cute when they have tough-guy names) like "Thor."

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Has he met your other cats yet? I'd take him to the vet before you do that just to make sure he's healthy

I like Nemo for some reason and I also like Gizmo
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He's adorable, First name that popped in my head was
Rascal lol
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Little Rascal theme:

Color names:
Cheeto (or Chester Cheeto)

Irish names:
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Yep, I like Nemo, too, and Gizmo, but the one that really appeals to me is Rufus -- I always fancy the holder of that name as one with attitude, smarts, lotsa mischief -- but then that doesn't fit a kitten, does it?
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I like Pippin!
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