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Where's Cindy (Katl8e)

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I have to admit, I haven't been around as much lately, but I haven't seem any posts from Cindy, and I kind of miss her pragmatic and no-nonsense additions.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Sorry if I've missed something . . .
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I was thinking about her also - I do know that she was getting her computer checked out. That was the last thing I heard from her about a week ago or maybe even more. Hurry back Cindy!
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Yeah where is Cindy. I have just noticed that I haven't seen her around for awhile.
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I just did a check her last post was on the 8th of November. I hope she's okay!!
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I thought about her yesterday!And have been wondering where she was.Cindy come back!! We miss you!!
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Thanks, everybody! As long as this new power unit holds up, I'll be here.
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welcome back Cindy! You were missed!!
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