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Atkins-dieting kitty?

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Hi all,
Since June the formerly tubby Miss Arizona has been on a high-protein kitten food diet, suggested by the vet. I was skeptical, but she has gone from nearly 18 pounds to just over 12. Has anyone else tried this? What did you feed the cat once the excess weight was lost? Of course I do plan to ask the vet, but I would like to hear some real-life experiences. Thanks!
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Hi, I have a fat cat on a diet, but it's Science Diet RD. What kind of kitten food did you feed your, and also how much? I am very proud of your progress with your cat. Did cat act hungry, and did you feed twice a day? It really is better for them to lose excess weight to prevent troubles. Mine only lost 1 1/2 lb. since March, she started close to 18 and is now 16.
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Well, I would urge you to talk it over with your vet first--but I've been feeding her the canned Science Diet Feline Growth formula, 1/4 can, twice a day. She's never been hungry before, so I really don't know if it left her hungry--she doesn't beg or anything, and has maintained her usual routine and high spirits. Although she is definitely ready at feeding time, and she scarfs down the occasional kitty treat much faster than before.

She had been on the Iams Reduced Calorie for a year, but she just maintained on that food, which is probably why the doctor suggested more drastic action. So now I'm wondering if it would be best to put her back on "light" food when she's done.
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Sorry but the only fat cat I have ever had, was only fat from the abuse she suffered as a kitten. It sounds like you are on the correct path, as your diet is being supervised by your vet, and I would turn to him for the proper advice, as he has hands on experience with your cat.

Good for you, doing this safely and effectively!
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I agree with Hissy. Congrats for doing this safely! I would be very cautious about anyone else trying a high protein diet without consulting a vet first. It can cause all kinds of problems including blood sugar and kidney problems. (If not done properly and under a vets care.)
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My vet put the fosters on a high protein diet for a few weeks - they were all kittens, didn't gain any weight during that period and had loose & smelly stools. We took them off because it didn't really help the original problem, which was loose stools. They went back to Science Diet and they were fine after that - they were obviously just going thru an adjustment period and didn't need the special diet.

I guess the lesson in this is to have a vet's supervision on any diet change.
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