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Why do I always mess up with school?!?

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It seems that the school is just out to get me! Everything I do is punishable. Today, I gave one of my friends some painkillers for a headache, and Wham! Apparently I can be suspended for that.
They even whine about t-shirts and stuff. Its really getting on my nerves. To top it all off they always call home and exagerate what happened, and I end up getting disiplined(sp?)

I just had to vent. Im so glad its the weekend.
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What kind of painkiller did you give your friend? Some of them are considered narcotics and you can be in a lot of trouble. If I were you, I would protect myself and tell my friend to go to the school nurse. Better safe than sorry. Sorry that you could be in trouble.
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It was Lortab
Oh no, I hope this doesn't get out of hand.
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Wow, that does seem pathetic.

Sorry you're having problems with school.
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I know what Lortab is, and they will wonder how you came to have it in the first place if you don't have a prescription is. That is pretty serious. Good luck.
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Well I have a prescription for it, its just that the prescription is from 2 months ago when I had toe surgery. Well, I guess Ill just try to explain it to them, and hope they understand my position.
Thanks for the quick replies people.
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Well, I hope it goes well for you - how old are you, may I ask?

And in future, don't give out any of your medicine to any of your friends. I wish you the best.
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Oh Cougar, Lortabs are prescription, you CAN'T give those out without a license even as an adult! Schools can't even give out aspirin so my suggestion is to not do anything like that. I know you were just trying to help your friend, but don't do that.
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That sucks.

I'm amazed that your school didn't make you well aware of that rule. At the beginning of the year here, we are all given student books with our school's code of behaviour and we have to sign a slip saying that we read and understand it. There is a part in there about medicines. If you do get in trouble, I think that you should suggest to your principal that they remind the student body about these rules so that no one else gets in trouble.

I know that they are cracking down on these types of things at my school. A couple months ago, my boyfriend (at the time) had dropped an empty prescription bottle out of his backpack (he was using it to hold film -- I know it sounds like a made up excuse, but he seriously was) and he had to beg and plead with the school not to suspend him. They thought he'd been dealing Ecstacy!

As for the school whining about t-shirts, I agree that they can get a little bit overboard sometimes... but they're only trying to prepare us for the real working world is all.
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Schools are trying to keep their grounds free of trouble. The problem is that they go overboard. When you complain about what they say about your clothing please remember that at one time girls could not wear jeans and their skirts had to touch the ground when kneeling (and the teachers would test them!). When I went to school they tested the skirts if girls wore dresses. Most of us wore jeans, but you got sent home if they had rips or tears (then came acid wash! YIKES!). I can understand some of the stuff so just look at everything you wear and ask yourself, is there anyone that could possibly be offended by the amount of skin showing or the words or symbology on it.

Here's something that a lot of people don't think of. Here in southern CA a lot of hispanics wear t-shirts with Pancho Villa on them. I understand that he is a hero to most of them, but to me he is a villain. Why? He killed my great grandfather. In my family the man is a murderer. My great grandfather was killed because they thought he was smuggling Mexicans into the US, he wasn't, he was driving a stage to try to provide for his family (his kids were in a children's home because he couldn't afford someone to stay at their home with them anymore--that's an orphanage for those of you not in the know). I understand what the hispanics are thinking, but it still bothers me when I see them glorifying him. This is an example of what not to wear.

As for medicine, NEVER give a prescription to someone that the prescription was not written for. Most schools require that you give even aspirin to the school nurse with a written note from a doctor as to when and how much to take. This is to prevent drug use (although it seems mightly queer to me). At my work they won't provide Ibuprofen because it's too "prescription like" so we have to live with aspirin.

The world is going to get touchier as you get older. Just be prepared for it. Oh, and Cougar, your friend could have possibly been allergic to Lortabs (I am--they'd kill me) and that alone is a good reason to not have given any to them.

Sorry to be such a party pooper.
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Thanks for the replies everyone.
Kiwi, Im 17.
My school probably does have it somewhere about medicine use, but I never read those papers they give out.
TTMom, I never thought that he might be allergic to them! People can really die from taking it? Well I sure hope hes not.
As far as clothing, I suppose there are certain things that might offend sensetive people, but its not anything extreme.
I guess Ill be talking to whomever deals with this stuff on monday, and we'll see what happens then.

Thanks again,

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Cougar, the reason they'd kill me is because they stop my breathing. Learned that the hard way. It was very scary and I'd hate for you to go through something like that.
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Oh I see. Yes, that would be scary.
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Lortabs are serious medication. Sorry Brandon... but I'd have to side with the school on that one. Schools are liable for the children's well being while they are at the school. And they are pretty picky (and should be) when it comes to drugs. Even asprin can be dangerous to the wrong person. I quit breathing when I take asprin or anything related to it. You'd be surprised what is harmless to most and is deadly to another.

As far as everything else, I'm sure you're just going through what most teens go through. You're at that age where you are wanting to be independent but still living in a dependent world. If it makes you feel any better I'll tell you what the dress code was like when I was a kid. The girls could only wear "pant suits" on certain days. No jeans or T shirts at all. It slowly got to the point where girls could wear pants several times a week and on and on. By the time I got to highschool it was more lax and we all wore jeans and tees. Just bare with it and follow the rules to the best of your ability. You'll be out of school soon (I assume this year or the next).Hang in there!
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Thats interesting. Looks like quite a few people out there are allergic to various medicines. Im not allergic to any medicines I know of, so I guess I assume the same for everyone else.
Mzjazz, yeah when you put it that way, it looks like our schools give us quite a bit of freedom on what to wear.
Ill be out of school June 04 if get all my credits, and I'll probably headed off to college. Im looking at the University of Utah right now.
Thanks for the info/motivation people!

Take it easy,
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