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Hairball Control food?

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My kitty Trent has hairballs fairly frequently. No matter how much or how little I brush him, he still gets hairballs. He also has a sensitive stomach. We recently switches them to a 50-50 mix of Science Diet Chicken and Rice and Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, in the hopes that the milder formula, and especially the Sensitive Stomach, would help lessen the clean-ups. But it really hasn't.

My question is - how does Hairball Formula food work for kitties with sensitive stomachs? Lessening the hairballs would be great, but not if it doesn't agree with his tummy....
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Heidi, my blue persian boy, Balie had constant tummy problems from an early age, and serious hairball hassle.

I switched him to Royal Canin Persian Formula and I have not had a single day of tummy upset since. I've still had the occasional furball but that's to be expected with a longhair.
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I feed all my guys purina one hair ball control and it helps ALOT. I give them hair ball treats also.
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the only thing I know about hairball formula food is that is gave my cats diarrhea. .
Now, on to what helped. You may not concider this an option, but I have a short haired white cat who was constantly throwing up. After many vet visits we came to the conclusion that it was simple hairballs. (he sheds a lot). I tried the gel hairball remedy, which he loves, but still no luck stopping the throwing up. So I had him shaved down. No more hair to ingest. worked like a charm. and he loved it and so did I. It felt so good.
Just something you might try.
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Heidi, I've been giving the girls Iams Hairball & Weight Control. They've been on it for a couple months now & not once have a found a hairball that's been coughed up. Sorry for being so graphic there!
As for sensitive tummies, the girls don't really have a touch tummy. They just get hairballs once in a while & I know that can't be healthy nor feel very good for them.

Just my 2 cents worth...hope you find a brand that Trent does good with!
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I have a cat who has stomach problems where her stomach valves sometimes malfunction and make her nauseated. There are medicines you can get from your vet to help, but we all know how much fun it is to give cats pills , so I tried switching foods (she was on Purina) and that really made a difference. Nutro, Eukanuba, Natural Balance, and recently Innova have all worked well with her. We also started giving her some more wet food (a spoonful in the morning and evening) and that seems to help some. Good luck with the cat food rollercoaster, I know how much fun it is to roller over in your bed to find your cat has left a present...
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Patches is on Science Diet for sensative stomachs
and the vet added a hairball control food along
with it,and it's helped ALOT
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I feed mine Nutro max , nutro salmon , nutro complete and nutro hairball control all mixed together . That helps , still have some caugh up hairballs but it come's out what is important .So far I had no problems with hairballs .
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Heidi the best thing for hairball control is more fiber. You can give fiber to cats in various ways- catnip, just a pinch to eat, cooked and mashed green beans with a little bit of butter, or canned pumpkin. That is really the best way to push the hair through the system effectively.
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All my persians eat Royal Canin Persian 30. I have never had any problems with hairballs with any of my cats. It must be the food!
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I've fed Iams hairball control and it seems to work
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After talking with the vet about it, we are trying to find the right food to deal with Trent's sensitive tummy first and foremost. We read ingredients on so many foods today! We decided to try a Lamb and Rice forumla since the Hairball Control foods contained either Ground Corn or Chicken (which he said are the two main allergens to cats in their food, and he thinks Trent has a food allergy in addition to hairballs). When I went to mix the new food into their current food in a baggie - they practically mauled me to get to the new food!! So I set out a few pieces and both Trent and Ophelia scarfed it. I really hope this works for Trent's tummy because they really seem to like it.

Mary Anne, I will definitely try adding fiber to his diet to help with the hairballs. Right now I don't want to change too many things at once so I don't know if one thing works or not.
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I use a combination of IAMS hariball control and Eukanuba chicken and rice. I also use pumpkin. Even before I started using pumpkin the hairball control worked well. And Peaches has a very sensitive stomach so I have to be very careful. Once I even gave her small chunks of a left over steak and that was bad on her stomach.

I tried Royal Canin Persian formula two times. The first time, it gave Peaches really bad diarhea and her coat seemed to get kind of yucky looking. Probably because of the diarhea is my guess. Then I tried it again when Hallie and Jake came because Teresa sent some with them. Then I had 3 out of 5 kitties with diarhea. YUCK! And Hallie didn't start to gain weight until I took her off the Royal CAnin. That is just my experience and I'm sure there are others who have had success with it!

The only thing I've noticed with the IAM's hairball formula is that their poop is bigger. Probably from passing hairballs along with it.
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