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So excited!!

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We had our Christmas party early this year for work, and I painted a picture of a lighthouse and scenery for the gift I brought, with my acrylic paints. Turns out my painting was a huge hit, and I've been 'hired' by 3 more co-workers to paint more! It makes a girl feel good to know that someone likes the hard work I put into painting the things I do I'm thrilled!!
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That is wonderful!!! I took several art classes in college, but never had the patience to get very good (and I don't have much natural ability). I have so much admiration for artists!!
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That's fantastic!
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Melissa that's super. I love painting, but I'm not very good. I hope they enjoy the others you paint.
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Wow ! Congratulations! I'd love to see some pictures of your work sometime! I literally have only one picture hanging on my walls, and I might be interested in purchasing some work from you as well!
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The same thing hapenned to me when I was in arts school, so I know how good that feels! way to go, girl!!! :-)
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Thanks guys Right now I'm still learning- and painting mostly ocean and scenery, but I'd love to try wildlife as well. I've painted a few peoples pets for them, and they came out ok, so who knows

My hubby wants me to paint a bunch of things and put them on his website, and after Christmas I probably will. Right now I'm swamped with doing paintings to give as gifts and trying to get the comissioned ones done. If I do end up posting them online, I'll put the link on here.
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I definitely look forward to seeing some of your work! I'd love to learn how to paint. I currently sketch portraits although I'm not an expert my work is grealty improving. I don't think I'd be much good at painting though. I'm horrible with colors and blending and lighting.
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I tend to be just the opposite- good with colors and shading/highlighting, but bad with sketching I almost never do a preliminary sketch on the canvas, I just start laying down color and it somehow comes together.
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There's nothing more fun or fullfilling than making money from something you truly enjoy doing. Please take some photo's of your paintings and let us see them. Who knows maybe you'll get some more commissions.
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I'm getting batteries for my digital today, so once they are finished I'll take a few pics and post them
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