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Drawer Kitty

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All I have in this drawer is one box of tea bags............and one Ryelee

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love it, they cant get into the darnest places, lovey and her still getting along well I hope?
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Thanks. Yes they are getting along just fine. Lovey is now spayed, and doing better now that she has some antibiotics working on her little lungs.
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What a cutie! Now you know of course that Ryelee has claimed that drawer as hers and you can never keep it closed again, right?
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how funny . That must be some good tee you got there . Great pics
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Awww How Sweet! I especially love that shot where her paw is sticking out!

Glad Lovey & Rylee are getting along.
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One time Zero got closed in a droor and we couldn't figure out where he was at! Luckily it was only for a few minutes. He didn't mind!
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