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Pounce N Glow Blinking Cat Toy

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When I was watching a program on Animal Planet last weekend, they did a profile on a man who invented blinking toys for dogs. I thought my cat might like a blinking toy like this and discovered the company, Sun Pet Toys, makes one for cats!!! My cat likes to chase lights so I've been thinking about getting one for her. Here is a link to Sun Pet Toys website. They have a brief video (with a dog) showing the product. Sun Pet Toys - Blinking Toy
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I ordered the Pounce N Glow (red blinking one) cat toy from the Cat Toys website yesterday. Hopefully, I'll get it in the next week or so. If my cat doesn't like it, I'm sure I'll have fun playing with it!!
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Let us know if your cat likes it. Like most cat owners, I'm always on the lookout for good cat toys (you can never have enough). JC really loves to chase the "red dot" from a laser pointer. It's a great toy, but you have to be careful not to shine it into your cat's eyes. The last time I bought batteries for the pointer, the saleswoman in the camera shop commented,"You must take a lot of pictures, the way you go through batteries." When I told her the batteries were for my cat's laser pointer, she gave me a very strange look, and then laughed! She said there were a couple of other customers who bought a lot of batteries, and she had wondered about it. It had never occurred to her that the batteries might not have been for cameras, but for cat toys.
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My Mikey likes anything shiny or metallic. He loved a metallic catnip mouse we bought last Christmas, but it was in shreds and I had to throw it away. I looked all over for another one and recently found them again at Petco. They're a seasonal item. We stocked up for the coming year. He also likes change. I have a dish full of state quarters on my dresser. He enjoys picking them up and dropping them over the side of the dresser.

My son found a nice climbing/scratching thing for $30 at Walmart. It's covered with carpeting and goes all the way to the ceiling. It was a lot cheaper than anything I've ever seen at Petsmart or Petco. His cats love to climb it and sit up high. I want to get one for my cats this Christmas. I hope they'll still have some left.
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The Pounce N Glow toy arrrived last week and my cat LOVES it. She paws at it, pounces on it, does this rolling thing as if she's captured it, and then she holds it with her front paws and kicks it with her back paws. I have to admit that I can't resist giving it kick when I walk by it just to see the light start blinking. It's also a good human toy!! Warning though....I ordered it online and when I opened the package, the ball was blinking. I can only assume it blinked the entire time UPS drove it from point A to point B!!

I attached a photo of my cat's absolute favorite toy. It's a scruchie. I have a few of them and one I have put on a 10 foot string to make it a more interactive toy. My cat likes to stalk it after I toss it and make it slowly move across the floor.
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I've been trying to find that blinking toy on the website you posted. Could you put up the link for that particular page? I've been trying the different categories and I must just be missing it and I didn't see a search feature. Thanks...
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I went back and took another look. There was a search feature up at the top of the page. I found it! Thanks...
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