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What do you feed your cat?

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I'd like to get some ideas because I want to vary my kitty's diet a little more.

My kitten is 7 mos old. Right now, I free feed her Innova dry food. She gets Innova wet food a couple times a week. For treats, I give her Pounce Tarter Control, Pounce Shake it Up, and Vitakraft Cat Sticks. Sometimes, I will give her a little bit of cat milk.

I was thinking of picking out one other brand of dry cat food and setting that out along with the Innova so she will have more variety. I'm leaning towards Royal Canin.

So what do you guys feed your cat?
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Mine are getting Innova right now but will be changing as one has bladder stones. I think that Nature's Variety is a great line and if my male wasn't so prone to putting on weight, I would definitely feed it.
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Mine get Iams kitten, but I would like to try Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul kitten formula if our local retailer would get it in for me.
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Life's Abundance dry and Science Diet wet.
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Natural Balance and a variety of wet foods!
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I just switched mine to California Natural. Before that they ate Innova and have also done well on the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul and Felidae. For canned I use a variety - Active Life, Innova, Wellness and Eagle Pack are some of their favorites.
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My guys get Royal Canin Outdoors, Chicken Lovers, and Purina Indoor Formula. They get it all mixed together in a large bin. Keeps everyone happy. They also get canned food twice a day.
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Nutro natural care dry! Better than Royal canin any day...just look at the ingredients.
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I'd like to try out Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul, but haven't seen it around here yet. I'm going to talk to the guy at the feed store and see if he can order it in.

Right now the kitties are eating Iams Ocean Fish and Rice- which they seem to like better than the Original.
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I'm in the process of switching from Purina Cat Chow to Purina ONE. I was going to try Nutro Natural Choice dry but I've been a loyal Purina user for years and it's what my parents always bought. Guess I'm not ready to break the bond yet. LOL
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Free feed Science Diet Maintenance (with one bowl in the house mixed with SD Kitten formula for the younger ones) here. Nighttime they get a small amount of canned for a treat - typically something that I would consider junkish (Friskies or generic) in their favorite flavors: chicken and liver, chicken, turkey, turkey with cheese, beef and liver. They HATE anything with seafood in it for some reason. It is also a treat so the entire household splits 2 small cans a day.

The outdoor cats get Purina Cat Chow, which when I bring a bag in the house, the indoor cats will rip open and eat unless I get it into sealed bins right away. I leave those bins open when I fill them for about 5 minutes and let the guys think they are getting away with something.
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The newest blend of Purina out, my guys love. Purina Indoors formula, I know my kids are in/out kitties, but they still enjoy this new one recently introduced.
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They mostly get the Chicken Soup for the cat lovers soul and like it a lot. I mix the light and regular to try to even out my fat and skinny cats

Occasionally I get Purina One Chicken and Rice for some variety. They like it when I mix things up a little.

For wet food they get a variety a few times a week.
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I feed Reggae Advantage kitten dry and then she gets Advantage canned food a few times a week. I also feed her Pounce shake it up for treats
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Nutro Complete and Nutro for Kittens mixed, that is it for the indoor kitties. The outdoor kitties get the same plus wet.
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I have eight cats and I feed about 4 to 5 strays. I feed them all Iams dry. I was a bit of a problem when I took the female stray, I named her Andromache, down to get fixed. The vet told me I would have to bring her back to get the stitches out because she had gotten a little fat. I am trying to get her adopted. She is a very sweet cat. The other strays look like they are gaining weight also.

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I try to give my cats variety of cat food. I feed them friskies wetfood. For the dry food, they are eating Techical and they are usually eat Performance kibbles. But I like to change a bit, give different foods so they won't get tired of one food. Of coure, they get punce tartar control to clean their teeth.
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Mine are getting Science Diet
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Purina Kitten Chow... but I'm about to start him on Purina Cat Chow for indoor cats.
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Originally posted by hissy
The newest blend of Purina out, my guys love. Purina Indoors formula, I know my kids are in/out kitties, but they still enjoy this new one recently introduced.
I'm really glad to hear that, since that's what I'm switching Zero to. I don't feel like I can make a right decision after putting that nasty HARTZ stuff on my poor Zero...
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My kitties have had Royal Canin (they didn't really like it).. Nutro, IAms, Science Diet, and a few other top names.. They really like the nutro.. I have heard that Eagle Pack is reallllly good. My breeder feeds it to her cats and she says they fight over it. Unfortunately, no places here in PEI sell Eagle Pack Kitten/Cat food.. only Eagle pack Dog food What a prejudice! lol. I often buy 2 different flavored/brands cat food and pre mix them up in a glad container. I find that way they don't lean towards one brand or another.. and aren't so Picky.
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When I got my boys the Vet recommended Friskies Kitten Chow. Since Frantic developed magnesium stones she changed them both over to Purina One.
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Right now we have Sassy and Buddy (the house cats) on Iams Weight loss/hairball control food because they need to loose a few pounds and this food has always worked great on that in the past. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep them on this or not yet. Tiger Lilly is finishing up the Innova (great food but way too calorie dense for Sassy!) and will probably be switched to Iams too (not reduced calorie though). Wet food is a variety including Iams, Nutro, and Natural Balance.

We've also really liked Natural Balance and the Innova was excellent, but just too calorie dense for my kitties! Plus, Iams really reduces the litterbox waste, which is an added plus.
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