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am gonna fade back

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Hi guys - following the suicide of my mate on Monday, I am finding it all a bit harder to deal with than I had thought I would be able to. I find that I am struggling to cope with what has happened and getting a bit too depressed following his death. Had he passed away due to an illness etc, I would have accepted it - however, the fact that he chose his own way to die has left me completely flattened and my self and a few mates(female) at work are all struggling with it. Therefore, am gonna fade into the background for while and just enjoy your postings. I will still sign in and read but not be as responsive as I have been or as jokey. Once I feel a bit more sociable (if you can understand my meaning) I will be back - just for the time being - hovering in the background.
Its causing the depression to worsen and I dont want it to rub off on you lot.
Dont be a stranger out there......
not wanting to burden you lot easy as it would be to offload this lot in my head and talk to someone. Make some sense of it at least.
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Kev, I'm so sorry this has been so hard on you. Do what you need to do to help yourself, but remember we're always here for you. I hope things look up for you soon-(((hugs))).
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Kev, just don't leave and not come back, we'd miss you too much around here ! If you want to talk about it, PM me, I know how you feel, my great-uncle/nextdoor neighbor commited suicide about 3 years ago, and one of my friends from high school tried w/o succeeding while we were still in college. It's hard to describe the way it makes the ones of us who are left feel, I know!
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I can understand you wanting to take a break for a little while to get yourself together, but don't leave and not come back you hear? We want you around and will miss you while you are gone. Feel free to PM me if you want to just chat
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Kev, BIG HUGS to you!!!

You do whatever you need to do. We are here for you if you need us, no matter how depressing the topic may be. Like the others have said already, please don't fade too far....
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Kev, Im so sorry. One of my friends in highschool killed himself a couple years ago, so I know how you feel. Its hard. I hope you start feeling better soon though.

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Kev love - stay strong. You have a community here that cares for you and a family that loves you. Take time to heal the hurt and confusion, but remember that there are friends around you that are there for you if you need them.

Look after yourself, and if you need to pour your heart out you know where to come.
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Kev, go ahead and take all the time you need,just remember we are here if you need us.
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Kev, I understand what you are going through. My friend commited
Suicide, and its not easy to get your head around. Please...if you want to talk to someone completely neutral, who really understands, please email me. My email address is iwillreplytoyou@hotmail.com. I'm in the UK, and apart from being a shoulder to lean on until you can make it on your own, I may be able to give you some good contacts to help you through this confusion.

I have had sadly, a lot of experience of death in my friendship circle, of all kinds. I really want you to know you are not
alone right now. Nothing you are feeling is unusal. Please
feel free to email all your woes to me, in confidence. You shouldn't go through this alone.

Thinking of you at this really tough time.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Hi Kev

I am so sorry to hear about this. My step brother killed himelf last year and it is an absolute total shock. You will, in time, work through this and come to celebrate his life and your friendship. We are thinking of you.

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