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TGIF Daily Thread

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Good morning! I'm doing much better this morning. I feel like I'm going to make it. Wonder how Tigger is doing?

My car repairs were done as of Tuesday night. I'm just waiting for Wal-Mart's insurance company to make the payment so I can pick it up. Up until today I didn't really care because I didn't feel good enough to go get it anyway! I can't wait... it's going to be like having a new car since it has a new engine.

Hallie is being very playful lately. Very good news! She is joining the rest of the crew on my bed at night too. Pretty soon there will be no room for me! She's so darn cute though... She looks like a little teddy bear. So sometimes I call her Hallie Bear. I have to get her in to the vet the next week for her repeat blood work. I'm am convinced it is going to come back much improved and she is going to have gained even more weight.
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*yawn*...too little sleep and not enough coffee in my body yet

Today, well tonight actually, is going to be an interesting one for me. I'm going with a friend to the local spa/body art place and getting an eyebrow and labret piercing tonight! I WAS going to get my tongue done, but I've heard too many bad stories, plus I can't be bothered with the intense cleaning and disinfecting that go along with it

Yesterday on a complete whim I decided to get my hair cut- I mean a MAJOR cut- like 7 inches off the back So now its all in chunky layers and up to my chin- I had her retouch my roots back to black and she put some blue streaks in it for me too. Boy was my hubby shocked when he came home from work last night

Gotta go grocery shopping today, and possibly shopping for some shorter labret jewelery (sp?) since the initial one is longer to compensate for swelling. I hate grocery shopping with a passion- especially this time of year because the stores are so crowded.

Well, have a good day everyone!! :rainbow:
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Good Morning!

It's 7:50 AM and I am at work waiting for the coffee to get done. I love this time at work because I am the only one here. It is so quiet.

I had a funeral in the family this week. My Aunt Florence died on Friday night. They had the viewing on Monday and her funeral was on Tuesday. I've had things going on Wednesday night and Thursday night. I am now offically mentally drained. Thankfully I have no plans for tonight, so I am just going to sit and veg. Tomorrow I am going to sleep as long as I feel like it.

I hope today is a calm day for everyone.
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Good morning to you all . I just had a refill of coffe and in hope to wake up soon lol .

Mzjazz I am glad to read you are doing better and your car is done . I am also glad Hollie is doing great and hope for you and her that her bloodwork next week will be great .

Nora , sorry to see you have lost someone in your fam.

Mellisa , I got my belly botton pierced a few years ago and love it .I hope you like your piercing and it will go well . I am sure your hubby was in a shock having a big change like you did

I have given all the meds to my cats already this morning , Cookie eye ointment , Gingers vitamine suplement , Snowball and Marquise antibiotics .I will join my hubby in a little bit and help painting our cat palace and later we will go for lunch chinese . My hubby is off today and so we try to spent some time together .

I hope you all have a great day today and a save one
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Melissa - I used to have a tongue piercing - it really isn't much trouble, just listen to what the piercer says - to prevent infection, I had to gargle listerine every few hours. No problem.

My cold and throat is getting better, it helps to be doped up on nyquil - I sleep really good and wake up feeling a whole lot better.

Woke up to the first frost of the season! But it is warming up quickly though. I can't believe its only about a month to go before winter starts.

Kahu is nuts today - knocking everything down that he can see. Little brat.

I hope everyone has a wonderful friday - I am in a great mood! woohoo!
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I just had Charter interet service hooked up! oh my
the pages load SO fast! i love it!!

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Chelle - I am on Charter as well.
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Kellye- was the tongue piercing painful? My best friend wants to get it done, but people are telling her its horribly bloody and painful.
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I didn't bleed at all, just drooled a lot while they were doing it. I don't remember feeling any pain, I think it was more the anticipation of pain, but when it came down to it, it didn't hurt much - the most pain came from the man clamping my tongue with the thingy too hard. And he told me NOT to eat spicy food - needless to say, I forgot his order and ate curry that night and ended up with a swollen tongue. The pain went away after I took some ibuprofen.
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Ok, cool I'll pass all that on to her when i see her tonight. we're meeting at the piericing place, and shes undecided whether to get it done or not.
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YAY!! Work is done for the week! Of course, now the work begins on the at home projects - building a website, updating Save Samoa and SPA, cleaning for Thanksgiving, etc. etc.

We are meeting with a potential new vet this afternoon, and I have over two pages of questions for him. I hope it goes well, he seems pretty good from his website. They have changed it, but when I first visited they had links to common procedures and declawing was one of them. What I liked about it was that it said that this procedure would be something discussed between the vet and the client, and included a thorough explanation, including graphics, of what the procedure actually involves. I liked that a lot. Bonus that he's less than 10 minutes from our house.

Mel, good luck with the piercings tonight! I wish I could get some, but I have to wear 24 karat gold in my ears or they get infected, and body jewelry doesn't come in gold. Somehow I never pictures Hedi or Kellye with body piercings! LOL Learn something new every day!

Tammie, I'm so glad Hallie is becoming so comfortable with the rest of your family. She's a very lucky girl to have you as her Mommy.

Nora, so sorry to hear about the death in the family.
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Just got home from the doctor's office. They took a lot of time with me and they finally discovered that I got bit by a hobo spider. They had to open the area that was swollen and drain it, and now I am on painkillers and antibiotics as well as an antibiotic ointment. I woke up last night, and my foot felt so strange, it was ice cold to the touch but felt inside like it was onfire. I got really scared and it was swollen twice of what my other one was. I thought I had torn my achilles tendon- but thankfully that was not the case. This bite heals from the inside out according to the doctors, and it will leave a dent in my ankle when it is done healing and a scar.

I just have one question? Where were my great feline hunters while this thing was out and about in my home? LOL
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Yikes MA! I am glad that you now know the cause of the problem! What is a hobo spider??
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It's also known as an aggressive house spider and both the males and the females bite, though the females toxins are more potent. I found this picture on the Internet, and this is what the back of my ankle looked like before they went in to lance it, except it was red from ankle to my foot.
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Ohhh that looks nasty! I looked up hobo spiders and it looks like I have a lot of those in my apartment.
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M.A that really looks bad . That must be some very nasty spider you got there eeewww . Yeah I wonder where your hunter were while the beast was in the house crawling around lol . I hope you get to feel better .

Valanhb , for the belly botton they do have jewelry in gold . It just cost like $ 150.00 dollars to get one jewlery . I only can wear in gold too , or I break out . But they have the special one's for people with alergie , thats what I got . I am in hope's I get something nice for christmas from my hubby .Btw. I also hace 2 tatto's . I love tatto's and want one more .
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Good Morning everyone!!!

Well it's actually lunch time here but you'know..

I have been up for a few hours, in bed watching TV and watching Sophie who is on her 63rd day today.

I'm just doing some reading on the net, even though I have birthed many litters it still doesn't hurt incase I learn something new.

I brought the new Michael Jackson CD yesterday.. "Number Ones". It has only been out in NZ for a few days and it's great well worth $24.00.

I also brought a cheap top from k-mart yesterday because I sold one of my Royal Dolten dolls on and got $130-. Last night I went to a party but just for a few hours, I think I would be demented for life if I came home and found all Sophies kittens dead.

Also a question for people who have had litters etc etc, Do you keep your kittens in the dark or in a dim place? Or do you keep them in the same light as you live in. I have always kept my kittens in the same conditions that I'm in but on a few lists that I'm on they have been talking about how this might damage the eyes or something. Any ideas??

Yeah, so I can't plan anything for the next week, got to be home for my Soph (Apart from school of course!)

I hope that everyone is having a nice day.
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Wow Mary Anne that's some nasty spiders you got there! I've seen bites that bad before where there will be a big hole and red up and down a limb etc. Glad you got it taken care of.

Michael Jackson is in a bit of trouble again. And man....that is some scarey lookin dude. He should have left well enough alone after the Thriller era!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u Michael Jackson is in a bit of trouble again. And man....that is some scarey lookin dude. He should have left well enough alone after the Thriller era!
Yeah I heard he was arrested

I'm glad the CD that I brought didn't have a picture of him recently on it, he is really scary and I don't see how a person would want to look like that. He looked fine before.
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I'm home- and pierced, and OWWW!!!! The labret hurt SO much- I wasn't really expecting that much pain But, its over and I like how it looks

Geez, the spider bite in that pic looks nasty! Hope yours heals soon MA!
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