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I just had to shared this!!

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I called my sister the other day to have interupted her talking with my Youngist Neice. So I gladly let my sister return my call when she had the chance. about nearly 2 hour later my sister calls me telling me that she is sorry but she alot of things to do thanks to my Neice. and proceeded to tell me the whole story.

My sister and Neice were shopping and my neice saw this Item of clothing she wanted and ask my sister if she could get it. Since my sister is trying to instill good money managment into her daughters,anything they want they use their own money to get. And it just so happened that my Neice didn't have all the money for the Item she wanted. So my Neice being a Smart girl then decides she's going to go "earn" that money. She then goes around the Neighbour hood telling everyone that her Girlscout troop is gathering donations for The Children's Hospital. And she went door to door collecting this money. and Apperantly right before I had called my sister My sister had found a Check from Her next door Neighbour made out to My sisters name and My Neice had crossed out my sister first name and wrote in her own. My neice had been hiding all the "donations" so she could afford to buy what ever Item it was that she had seen earlier in the week.

I just had to share this because I thought it was so funny!!!!! More so since my Neice isn't even old enough to be in Girl scouts.!! My sister has made her return all the money to the people she can remember she got it from and they are going to start volenteering at the Children's Hospital to make up for what she did wrong. After a nice long that SO ILLEGAL chat! LOL
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Oh my. That is funny! How old is the child? She is certainly, um, resourceful? I hope she learns her lesson.

I think the best part of the story is her writing her own name on the cheques.
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Oh That's Cute!.. Like Sammie said though, I hope she learns her lesson.
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