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My best present yet!

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Some of you may recall my story about Luca bringing me a toy seal as a "gift". Well, she bought me one better last night.

She came in to the house, all happy and excited and proud. My brother is staying with me (as my granddad is in hospital) and so he went to check what she had. He called me as he was rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter.

She bought me - the hugest, fattest, cooked and still warm burger patty! Slightly nibbled by her. And she was so proud!

We are not sure where she got it from - if someone saw her and thought that she was starving because she is so thin (siamese) and so gave it to her. Or if it was lying waiting for someone to eat it and she stole it!!!! It is very funny but quite embarrassing!
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Bring back my burger dang it!
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LMAO!! That is hilarious!!

Onyx likes to bring presents too, but they're usually still squeaking, chirping or hissing
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That is too funny! I've never had a cat do that!
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Oh when our rainbow kitty , Peter, was a weee kitty he tries stealing my mothers turkey that was defrosting in the sink. He got it as far is half way across the kitchen floor. Mind you he was onyl 5 months old at the time and the Turkey was 3x as big as he was!!
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LMAO that is funny!

My RB cat Buffy used to bring home seagulls twice as big as her and water rats. I have no idea how she managed to kill things bigger than she was. Bless her.
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LMAO that is so funny!!!!
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When they're going for the big stuff you KNOW they're thinking of family. Gotta feed Mommy and Daddy, you know.
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OMG! That has to be the cutest story!!

One of my RB bridge cats Lolly used to bring back the smallest birds in his mouth, but he wasn't trying to kill them or anything, Lolly would bring the little birds to us and I would go and release them out the back or sometimes it took them a few minutes to get over the shock that a big white cat had had them in it's mouth for awhile but it used to be so cute to look out the window see Lolly pick up a bird that had perhaps been in the garden lost from it's family and then gallop inside with his find.. Awww.
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