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Transition to Senior Diet?

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My tuxedo love Sasha is all muscle, solid as a rock, 11 years old, and never has been sick a day in his life. His mama let him nurse for almost a year, it was remarkable. He was her only kitten. He eats very well, preferring meat to seafood and loves treats, his favorite is roast beef and New York cheesecake. His tests are all well within normal ranges, and he eats every day at 7 a.m and 7 p.m., with little snacking in-between. You'd think King Henry III was dining in my kitchen. HOW -- how to take him into senior food? he hates all of it. I've even tried mixing it in, or pouring a teaspoon of beef broth over it - no go. Help! We really need to start transitioning him now.
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Personally I am feeding a dry that is for all lives stages and my theory is if it is not broke why fix it. If he is doing so well with what he eating why change!?!
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well, I feel like that too! He's doing well....but the vet said, "you might want to think about transitioning him to senior food soon"....his muscle mass will atrophy and turn to weight which may contribute to diabetes, arthritis, and what not. He does get exercise, but I felt as if I had to use some preventative maintenance now, not after things start changing in him. I've heard it both ways, don't change -do change- it's driving me a little nuts.
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I had the same problem with our last cat - he didn't like the "senior" foods, probably because there was so little variety, so I gave him food "for all life stages". Is your cat an "indoor" or an "indoor-outdoor" cat? Straycat had been in a feral cat colony for eight years before we took him in, and loved the food we gave him. When he was about ten, our vet advised that we should give him "senior" food. He didn't like it, and got in the habit of hanging around the local supermarket and stealing meat, lunchmeat and cheese out of people's shopping carts while they were loading their cars. I figured that giving him foods advertised as being "for all life stages" was probably the lesser of two evils.
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He's an indoor-outdoor kitty, spending much of the time in the summer outside, but in the winter, curled up on top of the dryer and what not. The "scientific" and pet store "formulas" of healthy foods and senior foods he hates. He eats Friskies everythng, and from time to time, human food. But he only gets NY cheesecake once a year What brands worked well for you? And at what age did you start?
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Ok I may sound like broken record but I think Life's Abundance (for all live's stages) is just the best. And my Loki who is the pickiest eater alive switch to it with no problem at all.

Here is the website if you want to take a peak:

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