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Thursday Night Owl Thread

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OMG! Did you see tonights ER?????? That was a stunner! Poor Romano, not good with helicopters!

Still battling this cold and sore throat, taking a lot of meds and resting well. I hate being sick.
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Kellye,hope you feel better soon! Keep taking those meds and don't forget the gallons and gallons of liquid to get rid of those cold germs
Nothing unusual happening to me this day. Just doing the usual: feed the kitties, morning walk, breakfast, play with the kitties, check email & visit TCS, go to the office, check email and visit TCS, home and a peaceful evening with family and cats.
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I haven't watched ER in years because i used to work nights
and always missed it.

hello there fellow nighowls
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I would say that the helicopter finished the job! It was pretty tense there for a few minutes.

Looks like I am heading for the doctor tomorrow. My foot is swollen twice what it was yesterday. I think I have an infection, or I tore my achilles tendon. Either way, it needs to be seen before 72 hours pass- so in the morning off I will go.

It stopped snowing here and is now raining. They are predicting 70 degrees tomorrow- wierd weather!
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MA I hope your foot is okay Please be careful and pamper yourself some.
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MA - I guess the helicopter had to finish him off somehow. to be honest, I am glad he is gone, I couldnt stand him Did you notice that no one noticed he was gone.

I hope your foot gets better soon, and let us know how it is when you get back from the doctors.
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