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How much do you buy for your Cats for X-Mas?

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This is the first year with my 3 kitties, so I wanted
to include them in the X-mas shopping. I've
found a really cute stocking that's for cats so
I think I'm going to get it for them lol.

I was also going to get them a Cat Condo since they
don't have anything like that right now.
They've never had Catnip before so I think
it would be a perfect time to introduce them to it
(nothing like hopped up kitties for the holidays lol)
Then just some small toys like balls and such.

This year because of getting something big for
them to play on it'll cost more than I think I'll
do any other year but they need a Cat Condo or Tree
anyway so why not do it then.

I was just curious about how much stuff does
everyone else get their pets for the Holidays,
or even if you do at all lol.
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My Dad always buys Patches gifts now he'll have 2 cats
to buy for
I usually buy them a kitty stocking at Pet Smart or Petco
they have all kinds of goodies in there
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My cats are my kids and they get whatever I have room for in the house - new cat trees, new window hammocks, new fishing for kitty poles. They still like the wrinkled up wrapping paper and empty boxes the best of all.....

This year I'm considering, in place of presents to the families, a comparable donation to a shelter to help out more kitties. I think they would understand if I did that.
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We buy presents for all our critters (5 dogs, 8 cats). It varies from year to year how much they get, last year was HUGE, this year we've decided it will be much smaller. Last year my 72 year old mother made small stockings for all our pets and each had treats included.

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I gave my mom a list of things I would like for Christmas and at the bottom I added a little section for Emmett. I just put down he wants one of those fountain water dishes. I'm going to get him some more mice and probably a few other little things. Its Emmers' first Christmas I have to make it happy for him.
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It really depends on the year I guess with Spike. He's having his 4th Christmas this year, and I swear he's the cat that has everything. He has a cute little stocking in the shape of a paw that I stuff with new shaker mice, jingley balls and treats. If I could actually find a toy he doesn't have already, I'd stick one of those in there as well. He got a 2nd cat tree in August or September, and I told him it was his early Christmas gift, but that never holds true... I can't help but find him something or another for the holiday
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Wow! Spoilt cats!

My cats get a big meal on christmas. Lots of catnip,treats, new toys..
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We don't really buy the cats anything for Christmas. All through the year, they are my crack team of kitty inspectors for toys and products, and they really want for nothing. This year, with the Trips being so active, we are contemplating not even decorating, or getting a tree. The kids and grandkids will be with their other grandparents this year, and it is just to two of us, so we probably won't be going all out. We will go to church on Christmas eve and remember the true meaning of Christmas and I will sing in the choir, but otherwise, it is going to be pretty low-key this year.

I am sure the Trips would make us redecorate the tree at least 8 times a day if we did put one up!
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I usually go out and buy them something every week from PetSmart and so every year I buy them a cat tower or something similar for them to have fun climbing around on.
We haven't put up a tree since we got Twig. I was always worried about him climbing it when we weren't here so we didnt'. Now that we have Rocket Isis and Luna, I can see the disaster that my tree would become. LOL!(TIMBER!!!!)
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Last year we got them a big cat condo. This year they are all getting new collars and toys.
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My kitties are always spoiled rotten at Christmas! I buy them toys, treats, collars, beds, food and sometimes a new cat tree. They are getting their own Christmas tree this year!
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