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Drinking of milk

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I gave Mittens a little tiny bowl of some milk when Zack and I were cooking dinner, and after a couple of licks Mittens started to scratch around the bowl like he would scratch in his litterbox. It was like he was covering up something. Very strange! Anybody have cats that do this? And, is this something that is unusual??
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Your cat was trying to cover it up like they do in the wild , so it can come back later to dig it out again to have some more .

I would not give your cat any milk though , they get diahria (sp) from that . They have some milk for cats in the crossery store what you can get for your cat and they really like it a lot . I think it is called cat sip or something like that .
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Both of my cats try to bury their food, today I gave them some canned food and I sat it right next to the dry. Lovey buried the wet food with the dry food it was so funny to watch.
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Most cats are lactose intolerant and giving them milk can cause digestive upset. If you think about it, it is the only food that goes in liquid and comes out solid, thereby creating the problem, that plus all the additives and stuff the dairy association is now feeding their cows that saturates into the milk can cause problems.
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Saki does this to his food bowl
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Most of my cats do that, try to bury their food bowl.
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Well, I have 3 lovely darlings and they all eat differently out of the same bowl.

Squeakers prefers to scoop her food out (we only usually give them dry food) and eat it off the floor.

Rein prefers to only eat fresh food.....that's come right out of the bag and hasn't been siting there all day.

And, well.....Tiger will eat anything, especially if she sees that we are eating it!!

But all 3 have one thing in common.....they all LOVE tuna!!!
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Reggae does it
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