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WACKIEST things ur cats do??

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I couldn't BELIEVE my eyes last nite!! As some of u might know, my cats have done some pretty wacky things but I am really shocked at what they did this time..

I opened my freezer to see if i could find something fast to make for dinner and as I stood there in front of the freezer, Spike jumped INTO the FREEZER from the floor!! After staring in shock for a few min, I grabbed Spike, pulled him out of the freezer saying "no no" then as I put him on the flor, Pepper JUMPED into the FREEZER from the FLOOR also! I was like "OH JEEZ!"

Have any of u had cats who did this? I KNOW cats doesn't like to be COLD so why in the world would Spike and Pepper be wanting into the FREEZER?!

I'd love to hear stories of wacky things ur cats have done..
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Curiosity? Why is Momma always looking into that thing?

I've never had a cat do that. Tailer used to just get into the fridge all the time and Toes used to get into the dishwasher.
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Oscar is the nut case at my house. He likes to get in the dishwasher when I am loading it. The other things he does on a daily basis is run through the house and then jump from the back of the couch to the top of the window. He has found the spring thing in there and likes the sound it makes when he grabs it and lets go quickly Silly boy.

Sammycat likes to try and catch the ceiling fans He has done that since he was a wee kitten. I have seen him leap off one of the chairs but bless his heart he will miss it every time. I glad he misses but I hope that he doesn't hurt himself when he lands.

Cats...gotta love em!
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I wrote some in other threads here:
QT swallowing a house lizard,and Joji falling asleep on top of the TV and falling off interrupting our viewing pleasure.
Skinny is very fond of rug-sledding. She runs top speed, hops on a rug and slides accross the room. She only stops when she hits the door or wall. What a silly cat!
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my kitten has crawled into the fridge a couple of times
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meow meow has rolled off the bed while sleeping... and she wakes up finding herself on the floor

boy boy loves to go into the fridge and just block the door from closing. he jumped into the freezer and in order to teach him not to do that again, i closed the door on him for a few seconds...
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Saki has been jumping in the fridge lately when I open it

He also jumps off the bed with all four feet stretched out.. its the funniest thing ever

Zoey when she sees me enter the room she always goes "Brrr meow meh meh" dunno how to describe it but its so cute
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Luca jumped into the toilet once. I had finished having a wee, stood up and before I could put the seat down. In she jumped. It was a good thing that I had already gone, because I would have wet myself otherwise, I was laughing so hard!

She had to have a bath in the basin after that!

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Toes used to get into the bathtub with me. I think the funniest part is that Toes is extremely klutzy (he's better now) and when he was a kitten he used to miss whatever he was jumping for and fall off of things regularly. He never hurt himself (I'd check him thoroughly), but it was funny to watch since most cats are rather graceful.

He used to also be able to jump about 8 feet straight up. We had a solid wood door with a window at the top of it and there were no windows near the door so whenever someone would come onto the front porch Toes would run to the door and jump up repeatedly so he could look out the windows at the top of the door to see who was out there. It's hilarious looking through a window above your head and seeing a cat show up periodically.

Toes will also turn on lights. Tailer tries to flush the toilet.

Tailer is also my girly girl. If I get out makeup or manicure stuff she will try to steal it and play with it (but she won't do that to anything else and Toes ignores it). She LOVES toiletries!
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Glad to hear that I am not the only one with wacky cats! Grin. My cats likes to do some other things also..

The boys (Spike & Buddy) likes to answer the phone when it rings. SERIOUSLY. Whenever the phone rings, the light flashes (to let me know it is ringing since I'm deaf) so the boys would come running from whereever they were and jump up on the table and stare at the phone for a min then they'd start pawing at the phone and get it off the hook then start sniffing and meowing at it. It's really funny to watch.

All 4 cats likes to get up on the curtain rod and walk back/forth on it!!

Buddy would go all crazy over a string which I have tied to a cupboard drawer's knob and Buddy would be batting at it, flipping over it THEN take off running with a crazed look on his face all over the apt then back to the string and do the same process all over again!

Zebra LOVES to open the bathroom cabinets.. Finally had to put child-proof latches on the cabinets so Zebra couldn't open it anymore.
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Originally posted by Shadowfein
Luca jumped into the toilet once. I had finished having a wee, stood up and before I could put the seat down. In she jumped. It was a good thing that I had already gone, because I would have wet myself otherwise, I was laughing so hard!

She had to have a bath in the basin after that!

Saki has jumped in the toilet 3 times now You'd think he'd learn!!!!!
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Salem likes to get in the fridge and the dryer!
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Well, let's see..

Rolling Kitty rolls all the time which isn't actually so funny except he does it on command. He also made my outgoing message on my answering machine, unbeknownst to me. I still have it. It's awesome. He also types, sort of. If he's in my room and wants to get out and I'm ignoring him, he'll hear me typing, come over and stand up and bang on the keyboard with his paws. He's quite a character.

Vladi sleeps on my head which also isn't uncommon but.. he had an affinity for jumping in the refrigerator too at some point. I guess one time my mom didn't realize he was in there and she heard meowing coming from somewhere. Come to find out he actually got closed in the fridge! Vladi is also the vain one of the bunch and is constantly jumping on my counter so that he can stare at himself in the mirror.

Max.. well, he isn't too bizarre in terms of behavior. He likes to lick my nose when I breathe out and I think it's his way of identifying me. He also licks my lips and tries furiously to open my mouth so he can lick inside!

All of my cats can open the fridge by themselves though. We have to put something in front of the door.
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Taz likes to bring us small metal objects. Squirrel who has more toys than she knows what to do with, brings us walnuts off the tree to throw for her (hence her name)

Noddy will lay on top of the cat post and everytime we pass through the doorway, she will reach out and snag us on the top of our head. We now wear hats so she can knock them off!
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