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How can I make my bed??

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When I have a big furball that refuses to get off the bed! I just had to change my sheets... you know how it feels yucky when you've not felt good and laid in it forever...

Carmella jumps back up on the bed after I moved her once.

So I moved her again and tried to put the blankets on the bed...

Finally I had just covered her up with the blankets completely but the problem is, she didn't mind! So finally I gave up.
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LOL!! I go thru that ALL the time with my 4 cats! They'd be galloping around on the bed as I change sheets/blankets and try to replace with fresh sheets/blankets.

I often would grab a toy and throw it away from the bed so sometimes the cats would run off after it giving me a second to try to get all the stuff on the bed and smooth it out before they comes back. It sometimes work.. Sometimes not! Grin.

It's really funny to watch though! Especially when I put the fitted sheet on over them and they try to find a way out!!!
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Em does that too. I tucked the fitted sheet in once and then noticed a lump in the exact shape of a kitten
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But...but....but.....that's the bestest game in the whole world!!! (Says Trent!)

We have great help when making the bed. It used to be just Trent, but he must have told Ophelia how much fun it is because she will now "help" too. Helping usually involves chasing the sheet or fold in the sheet as it is being stretched across the bed.
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ROTFLMAO that is to funny in picture to look at . How cute , caught in the act lol . I like the pics they are great .

Well I have to say Pamela I have the same problems here
But it is to much fun to get absad and my heart melts . I always wonder when I finish changing the sheets , how in the world did I ever get to finish changing
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I didn't take a picture of the best part! At first I put the blankets on right over Carmella and all you could see was a big lump in the middle of the bed. But then I uncovered her face!

Oh well.... at least I have clean sheets now!
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ROFL So they like the changing-the-sheets-game also? I have as many as 7 try to help me. Usually 2 get made under the fitted sheet. Others jump on top of them to wrestle while more grab at the top sheet when I try to throw it over the bed. Then we have the pillow case game - nothing like catching a claw into the corner as you are trying to push the pillow inside the case and they are pulling the other way, and I have 6 pillows to play with. By the time I get to the blankets on top, I'm exhausted and still have about 4 or 5 cats hidden somewhere under the sheets, with a few more waiting for the blanket toss.
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lol, Suma could care less, Matty does the chasing the folds in the sheet thing. I can pull the sheet around with her on it, makes no difference to her, she is not getting off until she has made ehr 'kill'
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Oh , I know - Loki thinks making the bed or changing sheets is a big game. But I have learned to make a bed with a kitty in it!!
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Carmella is the only one who doesn't care and will just lay there as you change the bed (or make it too). The others will jump off as soon as you start moving things around on the bed. And they certainly won't be covered over! But Carmella just lays there and lets me cover her over with layer after layer!
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