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Help!! What's reasonable?

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I may have found a home for one of my kittens.
I made an adoption agreement a few weeks back (thanks to people cluing me into one ) but now that I have someone interested (someone that I don't know) I realize that I hadn't thought about a fee. I am not looking to make money off the cat and would give it away if it wasn't for the fact that I don't want just anybody taking him. What is a reasonable fee? He is already neutered and given first round of shots, plus been given first wormer and advantage. Any advice on this would be great. Thanks!!
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Mine go for $25.00 and I give them a low-cost spay and neuter certificate with it.
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$25 was along the lines I was thinking (the local shelter is $75 and they are all fixed and UTD) but I see "ads" all the time for them at $5 or $10 but not fixed. I don't want to give to high of a price because I understand that people who post looking for one, are doing that because they can't afford the shelter price. I want him adopted not just handed out.

P.S. Pepsi does have a new home They are picking him up Sunday. Bullet is the one that I am talking about now.
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Jen, $25 is a heck-of-a-deal for a spayed and vaccinated kitten. But it is also enough that Bullet is "worth" something. (Does that make sense?) I'm sure there are "Free" kittens that they could get if they didn't want the "hassle" of an adoption agreement and fee.
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But it is also enough that Bullet is "worth" something. (Does that make sense?)
I think that is EXACTLY what I wanted to say and how I was feeling. Thank you for placing it into words for me.
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I think $25 is a very good price.
With all the animals from our shelter,it is a $20 adoption fee and they are all spayed/neutered.
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Our Humane society recommends asking for $25 if you were willing to give it away anyway. If adopters are willing to pay for a pet, you know that it isn't going to a lab, and if you meet them and find that you are really comfortable with them, you can chose to give them away after all. Any more might scare folks away and any less might bring in the lab collectors (I think they are called bunchers).
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Cats here in Brantford are about $150 from the SPCA to adopt
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Do they have a ard time adopting out their cats? People here complain about adoptions for dogs and cats being $75. Are paper has a "complaint" page and at least once a week someone gets on their complaining about the adoption fees. For $75 the get an animal who had been tested negative for all diseases and worms, has been kept on preventive medicine, UTD on all vaccinations and Rabies shot, neutered or spayed, flee free, has been housed, loved and cared for for at least two weeks before they are even allowed to be adopted, let alone those who have been there for months because they haven't found their furrever homes yet, and they are given one free vet visit in the first month that covers the vet doing a full examination to confirm the pet is completly healthy. The shelter near me tries so hard to not be a kill shelter (a hard find in Georgia) and I think that for everything they do for these animals is well worth the $75. That amount comes no where close to how much they spend on most of those animals.
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