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Anxious to see Anne's Dan are you? - Page 2

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Awww Welcome to the board Dan . He is adorable .
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Congrats Anne!!
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congratulations Anne & Isaac, what a beauty

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Oh he's lovely! He's so cute!

Congrats again Anne!!
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What a perfect little baby. Anne, Issac and little Ron must be SO delighted with the new addition.

Loads of love to them all!!!!!
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Congrats Anne! What a you have, and what a great name he has, (of course I'm biased, my husband is also a Dan.)
Loved the pics!Thanks for sharing
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Dan is such a cute little baby boy. Makes me want to hold and oogle over him.

Once again - Congradulations Anne, Isaac, and Ron.
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Anne said to tell everyone hello. When she feels a bit better she will post more pictures and tell everyone the birth story. Right now she is very sore, and doing a lot of napping and resting.
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I was just going to ask about Anne. Hi Anne. Looking forward to hearing everything from you, Take care.
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Dan is such a gorgeous baby!! I can only imagine how excited Anne, Issac and Ron must be right now. I am glad to hear that Anne is doing well and that she is resting.

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Beautiful baby! And I'm really glad things went well.
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Congratulations Anne. Dan is adorable. Take care and rest well.
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Adding congratulations! What a beautiful healthy baby. Great pics.
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What a precious little one! Congrats again Anne and family!
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I haven't been on for a few days, and the first thing I did when I got here was do a search for "Anne and Dan". What adorable pictures! He's so sweet! And what a head of hair! Congrats again Anne!
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Congrats Anne!!! What a beautiful new addition to the world!

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Doh!! Cant believe how I missed this thread!! Congrats to Anne and family on this momentous happy occasion..... What a little angel Dan is. And thanks also to MA for posting the pics and keeping us informed.
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Awwwwww he's so precious, Congrats Anne!!
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Oh I logged in just in time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad mommy and baby are doing fine.......

Big Brother and Daddy must be soo proud!!!

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What a handsome fellow he is and look at that head of hair!!
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