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L-Lysine question

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Is there a better way to insure compliance on L-Lysine administration. I am currently pouring it on top of their dry food but most of it settles to the bottom of the dish. Would it be better to disslove it in their water? If so, how much and does it have a bitter taste? Many thanks.
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I am assuming your using the lysine to control the herpes virus?

Many people will crush the tablets and then sprinkle the powder over the cat's wet food. This way you know the cat will eat it all up. I'm not sure if there is a taste to the powder.

I have read that you use 250 mg as a daily routine, and then up the dosage to 500 mg when there is an outbreak of the virus. But please consult with your vet for the proper dosage.
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I have a question. How does one know if a cat has the herpes virus?
I have cat that gets this clear junk in his eyes from time to time & I myself take L-Lysine for cold sores & I know how well it works for those. I asked the vet about the stuff in my cats eyes & she made a comment about a possible herpes infection but make it sound like no big deal. The boys have a follow up for their ring worm & maybe I'll ask about it.
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Usually, when a cat has a persistent eye infection and/or URI , the vet will take a culture and test for the herpes virus. Or, they can do a blood test and also determine if your cat has the virus.

The symptoms usually appear when the cat is stressed.

Here is a website for more info:

Feline Rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes Virus)
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Thanks for the replies. This gives me a little more to work with when I take Snowman (my white Ragdoll) into see a specialist next week. The URL above was especially helpful.
Can the L-Lysine be mixed in their water? I don't feed my cats wet food. I suppose if it won't dissolve in their water I could introduce it inside a moist treat. In fact that may be the best thing as I could insure dosage compliance then and it would serve to mask any bitterness...what do you think?
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I havn't ever mixed anything into the water, but I would imagine it would leave the water with a funny taste and you may run into the problem of them not drinking all the water in a day. If you are concerned that the full dose is given, I would try the treat method. Weather you give a TBL of wet food, or some baby food without onion or garlic powder, and mix the L-Lysine into that
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