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I am REALLY annoyed right now!!

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I am a pet-sitter and I just heard a message on the machine from one of my clients. She is very wealthy and has had a sweet cat for the past five years or so, named Angel. Well, this client isn't one of my best, as she often leaves the cat at her lake house with no extra food and water, and calls me from the city (last minute, expecting me to be on call I guess) to tell me to feed and play with Angel. Usually I get the messages and take care of Angel even though I don't really like being summoned last minute. I like to have at least a 24 hour notice. She also forgets to pay me until weeks later.

Anyway this time, she does the same and ends the message by saying, "If you know anyone who wants a nice cat, let me know. I just don't take care of her like I should." I was speechless! This cat has lived with her and her family for YEARS!! Angel isn't much trouble. She is declawed, friendly, and can be left alone for days at a time (obviously). I cannot believe this owner now is sick of the cat and probably can't be bothered with her anymore and wants to place her. I would take her, but I just adopted my 3rd and final cat while I am still living with my parents.

What would you do in my shoes? Would you tell this woman to keep her cat and tell her of the possible consequences (to the cat) if she gives her away or to a shelter? This cat has a good life even if she is left totally alone sometimes. I am peeved that people give up on their pets so easily!
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Gosh, how can someone just want to get rid of a sweet cat like that? You couldn't pay me enough to get rid of my kitties, no matter what. But, I thinkyou should strongly encourage this woman to keep Angel, just try to remind her how little trouble the cat really is. Sounds like even though Angel may be somewhat neglected, that she has a comfortable life and she does have you, and it sounds like you care about her.
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I wouldn't tell this woman to do anything like that, simply because it could all go bad and fall on the cat. She may decide rather than find it a good home, she will just take it to a shelter or something. It is unfortunate that people regard pets as disposable, and when they become a nuisance, or inconvenient, they simply decide to get rid of the problem. I think in your shoes, because you know the cat, the temperment etc, I would look around and ask some of your clients and friends if they could take this poor cat in. Honestly, if she is that apathatic about her cat, it would be better off in another home.
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Wow. That Peeves me off too!

Are you the type of person that can tell somebody stuff and confront them on issues? I know I'm not so I won't tell you to do the same. But IF you are that kind of person, then by all means please tell her all of your information and then maybe come up with a more regular scheduele for you to care for her cat. If she's wealthy than maybe she will not mind having you come regularly. (Then that will also take care of the problem of her calling you last minute )
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I can't understand how people can look at pets as being so disposable. I see alot of that volunteering in Rescue. People come up with the darnest reasons to give up their pets. I would never be able to give mine up, they are a part of my life and my family.
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Well she obviously shouldn't be a pet owner, so you should actually be overjoyed that she doesn't want a cat around anymore and I'll tell you why. Just think of all the people you've met or witnessed with pets who regard themselves as good pet owners, yet they treat them like slaves or garbage. There really are people out there who just want something to have control over, whether it's pets, children or whatever. There's almost nothing you can do about them. At least the woman you're talking about is self-aware that she's not a good care-giver to her cat and she has admitted this to you on her own. Sure, she's no saint because of this revelation, but this gives you an opportunity to find a better home for that kitty if possible.
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AS Hydroaxe says, we should probably be grateful that she's at least sufficiently self-aware to know that she's a poor care-giver to her cat and should find the cat a better situation.

And as Hissy says, if she has that little regard for the creature, how much effort is she likely to expend in the matter?

Bottom line: if it were me, I'd be making enquiries and putting feelers out everywhere I could think of, to find the cat a new home, rather than trusting her to follow through on it. I'd also consider the possibility of taking the cat in on a temporary basis, while the search is happening, though I don't know the realities of your situation and whether that is feasible. AND, I'd try to be the helpful doormat until the cat is safely out of the woman's clutches and control, and then consider giving her a generous piece of my mind (not that there's much to spare ). That way, if she gets pissed off at being told off, she can't take it out on the cat.

Them's my thoughts -- for what it's worth. Good Luck.
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I spoke with Angel's owner just now and gently asked the circumstances behind her wanting to give Angel away. She told me it is killing her to even think about it, but she feels because she leaves Angel alone for one week out of each month, that the cat would be better off with someone else. I asked her if Angel ever showed signs of discontent such as aggression, depression, bathroom issues, etc, and the owner said, no. So then I mentioned the numbers of homeless cats and how it would be tough for Angel to find a home (She's black/white and 8 years old).

The owner told me she REALLY wanted to get another cat as a companion and playmate for Angel but her husband told her no, plus she is too busy to work on introducing a new cat. I think she will probably keep Angel and just work it out somehow.
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hmmm...am I a wimp, or is she a better Cat Mum than we first thought? Not an ideal situation, still, but if what's happening is that she feels more distress about leaving Angel alone one week in four than Angel feels about being left, and she has you caring for Angel when she's not around, it may very well be this is the best situation for Angel. The human will probably continue to be not the most considerate client, but it seems that it's the cat's best interests that she has at heart, after all. I guess you're more of a diplomat than I
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Actually it sounds like the cat might be better off in another home if the lady is gone that much.
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