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a taste for metal??

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Why would be my cat licking all (or most things) metal?
Also likes to lick windows..I'm concerned she might ingest a pollutant or any chemical laying on...
Mineral deficiency_something lacking on her diet (she eats Science Diet) habit??
Thanks! She's the same that peed on my bed. Should I take her to the vet? Since she was checked a couple of weeks ago, they told me at the shelter I adopted from it wasn't necesary to do it again but now I wonder. I know kittens try out everything but a 4 yr old?
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Please get this kitty to a vet Pronto! Licking metals is indicative of anemia type disorders and or nutritional problems. Have the vet run blood work and do a general all over exam. Best of luck!
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Any word on how your kitty is? Did they figure out the reason why she was licking the metal?
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Hey all! I am new here. I saw this thread and some pieces fell into place. My 6 yr old baby girl was licking my bike spokes for a while and I had no idea why. It was like she was an addict and had to have the spokes! My bike is now at my neighbor's and I forgot about her addiction until just now. She has been peeing a lot on my carpet, so I brought her to the vet. He ran a series of tests. They were inconclusive as far as the peeing...he is saying it is behaviorial. Anyway, the blood test showed that she is slightly anemic and is now on vitamins. I never put the licking of the metal together with the anemia! Makes sense.
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My youngest cat is a HUGE licker, lol

When she is not chewing on my toothbrush or the toiletbowl brush i found her licking the air freshner container. Although she is very good about peeing in her box. I haven't seen her lick metal though.

This morning she did eat some of the newspaper and I caught her chewing on the couch!! When I see her do this I usually give her a tennis ball to chew on!!

I mentioned that this was a cat, ......right!!!
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Hi all,
We'll see the vet next Monday..would have liked it sooner but..very busy vets here.
My beautiful Madame Wincul is all right other than her licking metals here and there..I think that taking her to the vet will be another upsetting experience but it has to be done.
Like I said she was stray..declawed and spayed obviously got lost..poor thing! Luckly was found and taken to the shelter, now that she has a home again, hope is as good or better than the one she had I'll keep you posted on her progress

PS Wincul means "hill" in pampa language (Southamerican indian)
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Madame is fine!! Had a blood test this morning which turned out negative..he thought her licking metal is a habit, she also does windows and my glass topped desk..and eats lint and any fluff she finds...
Told Madame people in the forum would be happy to hear the good news.
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Oh good to hear - glad you got her checked !!! I guess you can just say she has broad range in taste? :0))
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