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I need some board magic, for my sister, please.

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Today my sister Nancy is having surgery on her collarbone. She has been living in debilitating pain for the last year due to damages caused by a car accident. It has been so bad for her, that she hasn't been able to work or live a normal life for the past year. Hopefully, with this surgery, she will be pain free, and will once again be able to live again.
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I also have a sister named "Nancy". I'm sending prayers and healing vibes in your Nancy's directions. Let us know how she does.
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hope everything goes good with your sisters tons of good vibes going her way!
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Positive thoughts coming from me.
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*sending Nancy positive thoughts and vibes* I will pray that this takes her pain away and that she'll be as good as new asap.
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tons of prayer's and get well vibe's!!
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Warm fuzzies to Nancy.
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Good luck to Nancy from me and family. We're wishing a quick and easy surgery with a fast and *painless as possible* recovery!
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Sending Nancy all of the heal with no more pain vibes that the boys and I can send. I am putting her on my prayer list tonight Hang in there Hope.
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I just see this thread Hope .

How did the surgery go ?
Hope , I sure will be praying for a better and pain free life for your sister and for a speed recovery
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~~~~~Sending healing vibes to Nancy~~~~~

How did her surgery go today?
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Sending my share of healing vibes for your sis quick recovery!
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Lots of good vibes Nancy's way.
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Nancy is in pain right now, but she is pretty sure her surgery went great. Only time will tell. They had to remove part of her collar bone and part of another bone in the shoulder area. She says it hurts a lot, but that at least she knows that this pain will hopefully set her free of the constant pain she's been having for the past couple of years or so.
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Sorry Hope, haven't been able to get on the boards much, just saw this. Sending *many healing vibes* her way, glad it went well, and hopefully the pain will be gone permanently.
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Hope I just saw this! Sorry.... guess I was too wrapped up in my sinuses! Glad your sister did ok and things seemed to go well.
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Crossing fingers and toes for a quick recovery! I'm glad she came out of the surgery okay.
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