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New stray cat problems

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We picked up a stray cat yesterday. She wouldn't let us touch her at first but after about 4 hours I had her sleeping in my arms. Among some of her problems is pooping in random places. Obviously she doesn't know how to use a litter box - I set one up for her in the bathroom where she's staying and woke up to find that she had gone in my living room.

Does anyone know how to solve this? She's almost a year old and I'm worried that this behavior can't be fixed. Should I just take her to the SPCA and let them help her or does someone know a way that I can?
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The first thing is to make sure there is not a health issue, so a vet visit is highly recommended. On your way home from the vet, stop and buy a couple more litter pans a small bag of organic (make sure it is organic) potting soil. Use the potting soil in the litter boxes, the smell of dirt will compell her to use the boxes for it will smell like outside. Once she has started to use the litter pan, begin to mix the potting soil and regular clay litter gradually, until finally there will be only clay litter in the boxes.

She may just be stressed, so don't push her to be a lap kitty right away, she has many adjustments to make and essentially just ignore her for awhile until she gets used to her new environment, that is after you take her to the vet.
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We took her to the vet last night and there is definitely no health issues so that can be ruled out.

The potting soil is a good idea - I will try that.

She is making herself a lap kitty, trust me. She craves attention.
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