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Adoption Day

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Seven more hours until the humane society's monthly adoption event. This is when I hate being a foster mom. And it's also the best part of the job--finding great people who are going to give the furries love for the rest of their lives. But my heart is still breaking.
I don't want to let my Nora and Prince go. I wanna keep'em forever. Of course, I can't. I know it. I gotta let go. And try to be happy for the cats and their new 2-legged possessions. But its hard. Real hard.
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I am sorry to hear that you have to loose your two companions. I didn't realize that there are foster programs for animals. It's probably better that I didn't. I would end up crying the whole time.
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Nora and Prince didn't get adopted today.

Not many of the people who came even looked at the cats. Seems like everybody wants puppies this month. I was happy (for me) that I got to bring them home again, but sad for them that no one wanted them. A few people stopped by just to look at the cats, but couldn't adopt any because the cats they had already didn't want any new housemates.

One of the people who looked at Nora said she was ugly. I wanted to tell the :witch: off , but restrained myself. She doesn't know what she's missing.

Nell was so glad to see Nora again. She ran right over and gave her a deluxe ear-washing.
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Well, I'm sorry they didn't find a home, but I am glad you still have them...

That woman was so insensitive! It amazes me how people can say of any cat that she is ugly!
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Thanks Anne.

If anyone wants to see a picture of Nora, there's one at the end of the "Orange Kitten 4 Sale" thread. I think she's pretty--what do all of you think?
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Alexnell, Nora is not ugly at all! She is pretty, and very cute!! She looks like she is one to give unconditional love!! And, that was cruel of that lady to say that..... I don't understand how someone can say an animal is ugly.... it is not the looks, but what he/she give back, which is a lifetime of happiness and love!
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Pretty is as pretty does......my gram used to say. So the woman who said Nora was ugly is really the ugly one! I just went back and looked at the pic of Nora!(page 9). She is a sweetie and a beautiful animal! Statements like this one are the reasons I like fur souls over human ones! When was the last time one of our fur children looked at us and said....gee you are fat - or ugly - or the dishes aren't done, etc etc etc.

Kitty hugs and kisses to Nora!

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Nora is an beautifull cat. I dont know how anyone could call her ugly. I dont know how anyone could call any cat ugly. They all have their own lovely features. Glad she is with you someone who loves and appreciates her.
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Nora sends her thanks for your votes of confidence. She is so sweet and does such funny things--how could anyone not fall in love? Her latest mission is to hide the catdancer toy in the basement. We've brought it back up twice already, and now I see it's missing from the toy basket again. Whoever adopts her is going to be very busy.
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Nora is beautiful. That witch who said she was ugly has taste up her butt. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'll bet the woman was fugly herself.


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I agree, Nora is a beautiful animal, and that:witch:ought to be ashamed of herself
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I also was hissed off that anyone would call Nora ugly, so I brought up the thread with her pic on it so everyone could admire her more easily , and give her the praise she so rightly deserves!

She's a beautiful cat, and you're right Donna, that womans only taste is in her mouth! (oh, did you say butt? same diff in her case!)

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Nora sends kisses.

The whole "ugly" issue got me thinking about how we present our cats at the adoption events. I wonder if there is a way to show them off to better advantage. I'm going to start a thread about it to get opinions. Please see "Charm School?".
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I am bumping this back to the top! Nora is such a pretty girl, and still can't belive that mean :witch: ! Nora is a star! If someone would have said to me that my cats, whether it be me bengals or my 2 domestic breeds, I wouldn't know what to say. I think it would make me more sad than angry. So here is to Nora and all the beautiful cats on here! :lips:

I don't see how a person can call an animal "ugly" Even if for example had a crooked tail or what be, they are not ugly. They have their own personalities which make them special on the inside, and on the outside, too! :daisy:
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Nora has the sweetest face I have ever seen - that lady sure has a distorted view on what is beautiful!!
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