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Thursday's Daily Thread

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Good Morning everyone. I'm sleepy as heck but having a hard time sleeping. Dry mouth, sore throat (from dry mouth probably), can't breathe out of my nose and pain. I'm afraid to lay down because then I'll go to sleep and it gets worse! I'm sure none of this rambling makes sense. Sorry for being such a downer. I've been told I should only have another day or so of this. God I hope that's true!

Well, can't wait to hear what everyone else is up to today! Nothing like TCS to cheer me up!
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Morning eveyone,7 AM here,I am not used to sleeping late,when I was working I was up every day at 5!It is going to be warm today(for November) 60's!I am getting pumped up for my job interview at 4,I really want and need this job!Have a good day eveyone!Can you belive Thanksgiving is a week away?
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I now have a head cold and a sore throat
My gym does not like people coming in sick so I have to stay home.
I am so hungry, but I dont want to eat LOL>
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Just got back from the dentist, had to have one of my very back teeth extracted. I thought it would be worse than what it was, I'm glad it's over! It wasn't that bad. Now I just hope I dont hurt when the anesthetic wears off!
I'm just gonna do pretty much nothing today, probably lay around and watch TV and just play with the cats.
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Hope these colds get better! I am 100% better from my stomach virus that I had. Zack got tickets to the Rockets game last night versus the Golden State Warriors. Man, what a great game! They were head in head the whole time! Rockets won-WOO HOO!! Hopefully, this might be like 10 years ago when we won World Championship! YIPPIE! I really enjoyed getting away from homework for a night! I have to work hard on my paper tonight, so I can get everything turned in before Thanksgiving. Gonna be a busy week! I can't believe this time next week, it's turkey time! WOW, time sure does fly! Can't wait till this semester is over with too! 2 more weeks! YEA! Have a great one everybody!!
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I sympathize malynn. I had my molar prepped on Monday for a crown and my mouth is SORE! I get the permanent on Dec. 1. Today it's nice out. I think I'll go for a walk.
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I have a 12 hour shift to work today. It is 1:40 and I don't get off until8. (sigh) My car needs some tires and an alignment, so I've been calling around trying to get the best deal. My kitty Chester was in bed with me when I went to sleep last night, and amazingly was still there in the same spot when i woke up. That was nice, to wake up to a snuggly, purring kitty. He then followed me meowing all morning, and tried to get in the shower with me. I think he knew I was going to work all day and was sad. I can't wait to get home to see those precious babies!!
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It is snowing again. Mike got the job of feeding the critters this morning as I still have to stay off my foot. I watched him slip and slide his way to the barn, and just prayed he wouldn't fall! He didn't, but it was pretty hazardous for him, even with his grips on his shoes.

All the cats are inside, either the house or the barn, even cyclone was spotted up in the hay loft. Lots of loose hay up there to make snug nests.

Just working on 2004 advertising now- can't believe we are so close to another year! Where has the time flown?
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I'm tired and irritable, which is not a good combination for work. I wish I would either get sick or not. This in between - maybe I am, maybe I'm not - thing is getting really old, really fast. (Told you I'm irritable!)

It's nice out again today, supposed to be a record high of 72 degrees. Then the snow is supposed to come this weekend, with highs in the 20s. Guess the weather can't make up its mind any more than if I'm sick or not.

Well, at least it will give me a good reason to stay at home and work on the computer all weekend.
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Well today is going slow for me. I am still upset over my mothers death, I guess it will be a long road to accepting the fact that she is gone. It is just so heartbreaking.

I have to bring my kitten Bernadette to the vet today. She goes in for her second round of kitten shots but I have to show the vet a lump that has formed from where she had her shot three weeks ago. I am hoping that I am just a worry wart mom and that it will be nothing. Its just that I have heard so manner horror stories about the shots causing cancers, so I am a little scared about that. I will be leaving work in an hour to bring her to the vet. Keep your fingers crossed.
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sending good vibes to you and Bernadette (cute kitty name)
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Originally posted by valanhb
I'm tired and irritable, which is not a good combination for work. I wish I would either get sick or not. This in between - maybe I am, maybe I'm not - thing is getting really old, really fast.
I can relate! I have been feeling blah for a couple of weeks now, but never actully feel like I'm really sick. My face hurts from my sinuses, so I assume they're swollen, but I don't feel like I have a sinus infection, or even a cold. And I've been exhausted for about a week. My hubby's been feeling the same way, so I suppose we have some weird bug, but I wish I would either feel better or feel bad enough to justify climbing into bed for a couple of days.

Now I just sound whiny...

I have a bunch of laundry to do, so I had better sign off of TCS soon. Hope everyone feels better soon!!
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I'm feeling better tonight. I can breathe a bit through my nose and my throat is not quite as sore. I called the doctor earlier to tell them I couldn't swallow and they told me I was intubated in surgery and it was probably irritation from that and plus blood maybe trickling down my throat. They told me to drink iced and cold drinks which I did and my throat is much better tonight. I hope my nose stays clear so I can get some sleep tonight!

My nose is HUGE! This surgeon doesn't use packing but I do have splints in my nose which stretch it out a bit. Plus the swelling. I'm ok as long as I don't accidentally touch it in my sleep!

Anyway.... everyone keep your toes, paws, fingers crossed, the vibes coming and the prayers that this upswing continues! Thanks!
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I actually got my butt to the gym this afternoon! I had class and work until 4p, but after stopping home to change, I went to work out!!! It felt so great! After working out I had to come home and clean, then go with my fiance to our cleaning job. We jut got home a few minutes ago, and I am ready to shower and sleep!
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