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Medicating a Cat Sticky?

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I meant to post this suggestion earlier but I got sidetracked....

Anyhow, I was wondering that it might be a good idea to put a sticky in the Health and Nutrition forum describing the most useful/successful technique to medicate a cat. I'm hoping MA can do it as she can describe it well without the need to draw any diagrams.

I thought of this as it seemed to be a common question when I was in there last.
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I'll let Hissy know of your suggestion.
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Ok, Sandie and I just discussed this. The problem with stickies is really, no one bothers with reading them, unless they are directed to. At any given time you can go in the Behavior Forum and see questions brand new, that are already addressed by stickies in that section.

How about this for an idea? Merge the ideas of how to medicate a cat together in one cohesive thread. Entitle the thread How to Medicate a Cat. That way, anyone can be told to do a search and pull this thread up and have before them all sorts of ideas how to accomplish this? Again, no stickie, just one cohesive thread easy to read breaking down all the neat ideas of how to pill/medicate a cat? It would be a brand new thread, with just the ideas in it, and then locked, to stop someone from posting an emergency post in it once it has been created?
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Mmm...I never thought of it that way. But the merging of threads sounds like it would work better.
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Thank you! ^_^

I hope it helps members out there in need of a quick reference.
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