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Cat Repellent??

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My cat has a habit of wanting to sit on top of our fridge. The main problem with this (other than hygene) is that she leaves black paw prints on the fridge and it gets quite dirty. Is there anything that I can put up there (maybe a plant that cats dont like) to keep her away from jumping up? We get her down when we see her up there but she's not learning.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Simon-

You can tape helium filled balloons up there and run a small fan to blow them around. If the cat is curious enough and intrigued to jump up there one swipe of the claws, the gentle hiss and pop of the escaping gas and kitty leaves quickly never to return.

You can also set empty coke cans or pop bottles up there, so when she does jump up there, she knocks them off and the noise will startle her out of the behavior.

Or, if you can't beat em, join em. Get a soft cloth and some tack-on gum (you can get these at an office supply store) and tack down the cloth and let her up there for her high spot. If you don't have a high, sturdy cat condo, sounds like you need one, as cats need to be up high in order to feel secure.

Best of luck!
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I am going to try the balloon method on my trash can. The cats have been tipping the trash can over every day when I leave. They must have taken lessons from our dog
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try double-sided sticky tape too! that will work.
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One thing I forgot to mention, make sure the balloons are when you are home to supervise it. Once you go to bed, or before you leave the room, stick the balloons in a closet till you come home.
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