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Do you know your emergency vet?

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I saw a posting here last week about an emergency on a Sunday and the person didn't know of any emergency vet's in their area.

It led me to think about my preparedness for a medical emergency. I took my vet's after hours answering service for granted that I could call him at any time day or night for an emergency. I had called him off hours in the past and was given the option to page him out. I called their office this week to confirm his availability 24x7.

Does everyone know who to call in case of an after clinic hours emergency? If not, suggest you have that emergency number listed near your phone as you would any other emergency service.

Better safe than sorry!
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Yes, I have the 24 hr vet's numbner programmed into my cel phone, it is also on my phone list. Not something you want to waste critical time looking for in an emergency!!!
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First thing I did when I got Zoey was type out the name and address of the closest emergency vet in my area, with directions, and I have it stuck to my fridge.
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It's the first number in my cell phone. A tech in the building 24/7 and one of the 5 vets always available 9pm to 7am. I'm sure they'll be able to add another tech on with just what I pay them.
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I have my vet's phone number if I need it plus the clinic where she works is the only one of two clinics in the county that has someone on call 24/7. Its a bonus it's just down the street and 1 mile away.
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The vet clinic is 5 mins away from my house. They have posted their emergency tel. nos.for all to see near the receptionist.. So I think I'm okay, but I hope never to use it!
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Mine is memorized......

LOL he also makes house calls- expensive, but he will come here to treat my ferals if he has to!
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There is only one vet in town. He's supposed to be available 24/7. However, he isn't and I found this out when Esper came down with a case of cat acne. At the time I didn't know what it was and thought that she had been injured. There was dried blood under her chin and an awful lot of it.
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we have an er vet about 45 minutes away. We have been there 4 times I think. They are VERY nice, but I hope I never have to go there again!
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As far as I know, there are no emergency vets in my area. However, my vet clinic has 24 hour emergency service, and the vets take turns being on call during off hours. So, if I ever have an emergency with Snowball (for example), all I have to do is call the regular number, and the call will be automatically forwarded to the on-call vet. That vet will determine whether or not an actual emergency exists, and if it does, will meet us at the clinic.
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I concider myself lucky in that aspect. The after hours emergency vet hospital is even closer to my house than my regular vet. (under 5 minutes)
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My vet also has a emergency service , I call his # and they get in contact with my vet . I had to do that befor , so I know for sure that I can see one of my vets there . And the # I know by heart already .
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Great ideas to everyone! I posted this to trigger some folks to think about the need to be prepared for an emergency, and really like some of the ideas that are out there. Thanks all for sharing!

I have my vet's number memorized also, but think I'm gonna add it to my speed dial in case I'm ever so freaked by an emergency that I forget it. I had a true emergency once on a Saturday afternoon, stayed calm enough to call them to tell them I was on my way and be ready for me, then drove 100 miles an hour (seriously) with my lights flashing to get there (10 miles away).
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We have one that's about 4 blocks from my house
and it's opened 24/7/365
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We have the number programmed into the phone - the emergency vet is only 10 minutes away. They also have my number, since I have a state wildlife rehab license and seem to be the only local rehab person that will respond at night. I'm also the Red Cross instructor for Pet First Aid - and would recommend taking the course for everyone with a dog or cat (I know a few people who have saved the lives of their pets after taking this class!)

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