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What type of car do you drive?

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I wanted to see what type of cars you all drive/own. I have 2 Ford Probes. An 89 LX, and a 92 GT turbo. The GT is damn fast! Thats what you get for running 15lbs. of boost.
So you type (Manufacturer/Model) of car do you drive?

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A 2000 Volvo S80 here (yes, it's a cush mobile that can go really fast when I want it to).
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83 Mustang LX convertible. Looks nice, but is a mechanical nightmare.
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i drive a 2001 4x4 chevy tracker, red with a black soft top, i love it..
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2003 Ford Focus ZX3 and a 2002 Mazda Protege ES!
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97 Pontaic Grand Prix GT....One more payment and it's all mine Yeah!
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1997 Red Dodge Caravan
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A Blue 1999 Pontaic Grand AM SE with all the buttons
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Toyota Corona (or Camry).
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89 Toyota Corolla -- not exciting, but a reasonably comfortable, reliable little beast that does what we need done without any fuss(her name is Sheba )
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1998 Ford Mustang

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2004 Toyota Corolla LE. After 10 years of driving 3 Ford Escorts ('85, '91, '92), my biggest criteria for a new car was RELIABILITY!!! A couple of friends of mine have older ones, and they just keep going. I really like the new styling, too; it looks similar to a Jetta now. It gets great mileage (38 mpg) which was definately important to me because of my long commute. What it lacks in raw speed I make up for with my mad driving skillz.
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I'm driving my 'old' but reliable (mostly) 1966 Dodge Charger. It has mechanical problems too but its still kicking......
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'94 toyota camry. black.
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I have a 1993 Subaru Legacy. I bought it in 1997, and we just had our 6th 'anniversary' earlier this month. I want at least ten years out of this car... it only has to make it for four more. (Although I plan to keep it as long as humanly possible.)
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1991 Chevy extended cab pickup. This is what I drive.
1989 Dodge Dart. My hubby's commute to work car.
1988 Chevy Celebrity. My Grandmothers car before she passed away and it is parked.
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I drive a White 4 door 2000 Chev Cavalier. Very good car...even though I'm paying it off for the next 3 years now (well in like 2 months!) I can't wait until I'm finished paying for it!
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a 2002 1.2 Volkswagon Polo ..... hey, it's my first car!!
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2003 Pontiac Sunfire - my first brand new car!! But with the interest rates so low (and the 2004 models on their way in), it just made sense to get new instead of used.
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92 Honda Civic DX. I love this car. Its the only car I have ever owned. I bought it because of a reputation for reliability, and I have not been disappointed.
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We have a '91 Ford Thunderbird that still runs good, but has an oil leak.
We drive a '03 Ford Expedition (lease). I love it when you're at a red light and some little punk in a 4 or 6 cylinder car wants to race you just to "show off", hee, hee, 'cause I can leave you sitting in my dust, yeah, I've got an attitude sometimes !
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A 1994 red Honda Civic, with a clutch that is going out
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Josh and I drive a 1995, light blue, Honda Accord. We love her! Her name is Betty... Betty the Blue Honda.

After having a waterpump (and everything else) go on a Ford Probe , and a Pontiac Grand Am leak water and catch on fire , I swore off American made cars.... it's Hondas and Subarus for me!!!
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A 1999 Suzuki Vitara (hard top-not enough sunshine to warrant a soft top!) I do love it even though it ends up looking like a rubbish tip inside
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1990 Volvo 740 wagon

I like it, but because we're not the first owners it has some mechanical issues. Thank God hubby is a first rate mechanic!
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I drive a silver 2003 Oldsmobils Alero. I like it a lot!
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Black 2000 VW Beetle
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1999 Mercedes C class.
1997 Ford Escourt Wagon Both cars are silver
1981 Honda Passport Motor Scooter. (It's a real antique)
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A Bright Red 2002 F-150 Ford Truck with an extended cab and a hard cover locking bed. Doesn't anyone else live in the backwoods like me?
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I drive a 2002 VW Beetle! I love it!!
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