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hi i am new i just adopted my cat she is 2 years old calico breed. i just wanted to say hello too everyone and interduce ower selfs too the forum..

Shayanna and Buttons
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Welcome! My Joji is also a calico cat. She says hi too!
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Welcome! Pixie is a calico too, hope to see some pics of Buttons.
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Hi and welcome to TCS. My dear Kuce is also a calico.
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Welcome to the site Shayanna and Buttons! I don't have a calico cat myself, but I think they are just beautiful kitties.
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ty everyone for the welcome and nice pics of all your wounderfull kittys i hope soon i can get a pic of Buttons on here so you all can see her.

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Hi I have a calico persian...!

Welcome to TCS!
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I have a 3 year old calico cat named Patches

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