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hello i am new too this so bar with me,

ok i got a 2 year old femal cat today and she is spayed not too long ago i was woundering if the hair on her belly will grown back and if so how long will it take she had it dont about 2 to 3 wekks ago

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Zoey's took a few months to completely grow back.
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When Skinny was spayed I had to bring her back after 3 days because they botched on the stitching. They had to shave her again for the 2nd procedure. Skinny is short haired so I think the hair on the belly grows back pretty fast. No need to worry!
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ok thanks for the info i found one stitch left last night when i got to check her over after bring her home and i called the animale place thay spayed her too see when it was done i got all the papers on her but thay said it will take 48 hours too call back. i would like to have all the papers for her when i take her too my vet too get checked just too be sure everything is ok and that the other vet did a good job and what not never can bee too safe when it come too someone you love..

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I had the same thing happen to amber, the vet didnt take out all the stitches. I just pulled them myself. VERY GENTLY of course, and they slid right out. I got another vet after that. The hair will grow back in time.
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i would pull it if she could let me tough her belly i dont think it would take much too pull it out but everytime i got too tough her belly she get snippie and runs away

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When I had my cat spayed in August, the vet used the type of stitches that dissolved after 2 weeks. No problems. My cat is short haired and it took about 6 weeks for all the hair to grow back to a normal length. However, the area where it was shaved appears to be alittle bit longer than the area where it wasn't shaved.
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