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New Pics!!! & Updates.

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Well, I took over 100 photos of my kitties last Thursday and I have had no time until now to upload them, I'm only going to share about thirty today, but I will most likely share the rest later. However there wont be any new pics for awhile because my camera software has been deleted from my computer(due to problems) and now it wont install again, which really pees me off, because we have kittens on the way and I would have loved to share them with you. Any way..!

The first pictures are of Sophie, who BTW is on her 61st day today, the gestation period of a cat is 59-67 days normally, so Sophie could drop her load anytime. She's rather big so I'm guessing 5 or 6 kittens for her.

Sophie looking Cute!

Laying down with her big belly!

This was a cute picture, but it got so small.

Heaps more on the way!
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Playing with the tinsel..

Here in the background, you can see our lounge.

Having a snooze with her sis intoe...

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Last two of Sophie for the moment.

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My editing programme has been putting a black edge around some of the photos.. ahhh well!

Oooh. I found another one of Sophie on the dining room table.

Here's.. Bronze Double Grand Champion Grafton Sing A Rainbow...

Holly is due in the first week of Decemember, she also has a belly full! Luv my Holly!
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Holly in front and Muffin behind.

Muffin on her own.

Holly.. trying to rest. Poor photo quality.

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Benja Bear!!!!!!!!

Ben playing.

Where ben sleeps.

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A break of cats... Last thursdays view.

A little red cat house, that my two preggy gals love.

Our kittening pens. where the queens sleep when they have their babies. But of course with a box, litter tray, toys , food etc etc.

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I have been in the newspaper about 12 times with my cats, this was the last time I was in it, In july with Holly.

Naughty elmo on the kitchen bench..

Elmo having a snooze..

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Holly! [Check out that preggy belly ]

Tootsie Close up!

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I really love this one.

And elmo!

That's all for now! I'm going to share some more later!

Hope you enjoyed!
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WOW you sure made a lot of pics .

I love them all . Your two girls look so cute pregnant make me want to their belly . Great pics same
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Yeah! The preggy ladies on the go and sleeping too! How cute! Thanks for sharing!
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Great bunch of pics, Sam. Thanks for sharing.
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oh oh oh

Benja, Benja, Benja......what a gorgeous, gorgeous boy.... oooh i want one just like him!!!!!!!!
Oh i sooo cant wait for pics of Sophies babies Sam!
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Awesome pics as usual Sam... Give the two kitty mums Hollie and Sophie extra scritches for me please.
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Thanks Guys.

We re-worked it out and Sophie is on her 6rd day today... Awww I'm anxious for kittens! Any day now..
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Sam, they're all angels!!! Those little crumpled faces just make me love them SOOOOOO much!!

Lucky you having such sweet kitties around you all the time. Can't wait to see the babies - nothing like cute persian baby kitties for that Ahhhh factor.
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Great pictures Sam I just love Benji Bear's little face what a sweetie. All are precious though
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