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My cat is wasting away and the vet has no clue what is causing it  

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Cookie has been ill just over a month now, at first she began to vomit frequently after eating (which at the time I put it down to her eating grass in the garden) which then led to weight loss and not going to the toilet, and generally acting under the weather, so she was taken to the vets for full blood tests, all of which were normal. The vet that took these tests was really unproffessional so we transferred to another, who took more bloods and X-rays - which revealed the problem.


Cookies left lung was almost entirely white, which explained her abdominal breathing. The new vet initially thought that her lung had burst and that euthanasia was the only fair option, however I opted for a chest tap instead which nothing came out of.


She stayed at the vets the weekend on fluids, diuretics and antibiotics and she reportedly had some improvement to her lung the following day, she came home 2 days later with these meds - this was over a week ago and there has been no improvement, she's wasting away.


She now weighs 2kg down from 3kg and has shown no interest in eating today. She vomitted large amounts of mucus on Monday, which the vet said could be for a simple or serious reason. I'm getting to the point where euthanasia may be the kindest option because a diagnosis STILL hasn't been reached; I've been told her lung had ruptured, that she has cancer, that it could be fluid or pus or a diaphragmatic hernia, I simply don't know what to do.



Has anyone had a cat with similar problems? I really don't want to let Cookie go :(

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Did the blood work show any abnormalities? Little Girl had the vomitting, problems with stools, and the wasting and she was diagnosed with histoplasmosis out of the blue one day. It's a pricey test but it might give you the answer you're looking for. Histo effects the lungs and will make them appear cloudy on an X-ray.
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All blood work was normal and multiple tests were taken to be safe, no abnormalities were clear frown.gif she's still not eating and the vet is suggesting euthanasia for tomorrow frown.gif I'm heartbroken
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Cookie was pts this morning at home, in front of her much loved heater. It was as peaceful as it could have been but I'm still utterly heartbroken, but I know it was the right choice. She still hadn't eaten, she was hiding, became irritated when stroked and she her breathing was declining. She's only been gone 4 hours and the house already feels empty :(

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I'm so sorry for your loss, but I think you did the right thing. I know how hard it is to let go. Remember that she had a good life with you, and it was just time for her to move on.

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I'm so very sorry for what you have gone through, it is so heartbreaking to lose those we love. Sometimes we have to decide when it is time to stop the suffering, and take on their pain as our own and suffer a broken heart. Please know we will try to comfort you in any way we can, it does help to talk to others who have felt the same pain. You did all you could, sometimes there is no explanation for for a sudden decline. Cookie would never want you to remember her with such sadness and sorrow, try to celebrate the love you two had with each other, and know she is no longer suffering. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, bless you for loving so much to hurt so bad. RIP beautiful Cookie!

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I am so, so sorry. My love and thoughts go out to you...
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As a last resort, try combing the cat and and holding the cat close to your face and make some purring sounds. I have been moving so much that I wasn't able to get a cat of my own but with this treatment I found that cats loved me as much as their owners. Lot of luck and I sincerely hope your cat gets better.
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I'm crying.  Am so sorry for your loss.

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I'm so very sorry. I lost my kitty Shizu earlier this year & I can sympathize. We all grieve differently, but know that you were a great cat momma to her & did all you could.

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I'm so sorry for your loss @CookieMin. It's natural to question our decisions after the fact. But you went with what your gut and your heart where telling you, and that means you did the right thing.  hugs.gif  Cookie went peacefully with the one she loved the most by her side.


Rest in peace, Cookie.  :rbheart:  You are now free from your illness.

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I'm so sorry Cookie lost her battle. You did what you could for her, and it takes strength to know when to let them go.

As per TCS policy, this thread will now be locked out of respect. Please consider making a tribute thread to Cookie in the Crossing The Bridge forum when you feel up to it.
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