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General Prayers (Again), Please...

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Now that my one kitten (my baby girl) has passed from FIP, my male (a young adult) is exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus exposure. This, of course, does not mean that he'll develop FIP. He is, however, related to my baby who passed, and genetics are thought to possibly play a part in this illness. Also, he was just 1-year-old when first exposed to her--meaning he's still in the age group that's more susceptible to this heartbreaking disease.

So, please, say a prayer (or just think very positive thoughts about him having a strong immune system) for him.

Thank you,

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Your cat is in my thoughts. Hugs!
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I'll keep your little boy in my thoughts.
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Oh Jenk I am so sorry for you and your baby ((((((HUGS))))))

I will say a prayer for your baby
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What's his name? He's in my thoughts!
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I'm sending extra-strength vibes to your kitty.

I read your threads about your kitten being so ill, but couldn't give any advice. That was sooooo sad, but hopefully, your adult cat will be ok and will have many happy years with you.
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This has been soooo hard. I will be keeping your kitty in my thoughts that he does not develop FIP the same as the younger one.
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i am soooo sorry ((( hugs)))) i hope he gets better soon and it isnt that fip... i will say a prayer..
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Im so sorry to hear that....hugs for your baby boy
what exactly is FIP?
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chelle this article Anne wrote explains it:

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I'm so sorry. You are in my prayers.

You might consider going to .www.petloss.com and adding him to the special needs list.

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I am sorry too. Poor boy! He is in my thoughts.
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thats really terrible! to lose one baby and now to potentially lose another is heartbreaking. I hope he will be ok!
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Jenk, I'll be keeping your little kitty in my thoughts.
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Sending good vibes the your kitty is OK.

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