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Jake came up to me just before and told me that Kahu had been locked in the bathroom since I went, about 3am. He likes to follow me there and tries to stay in the bathroom - I don't let him in there because he knocks everything down and makes a royal mess. I guess he slept well behind the towels.

I must be such a bad kitty mum!
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But I bet that won't happen again! Bet he had quite an adventure being in the bathroom unsupervised! (and a nice long nap, as kitties are prone to do anyway.)
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How's Kahu? I betyah he still loves you!
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hmmm...bet Kahu has a great time in there....
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when he got out did he tell you all about it???
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.....or did he yell at you??????????
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My place is too small to lock the cats anywhere hehe.
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He is probably very tired after his big adventure into unknown territory!
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