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Gun Control

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I was just reading the thread that Cougar posted in the lounge regarding a question he had on gun ownership and I thought that the thread was interesting and decided to bring it to IMO.... Who here would actually own a gun? And would you use it if you or your family came to any harm?
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Well, I have been trained by some of the best coaches in the nation. (No, I'm not just biased... Colorado is consistently one of the teams to watch at the National Matches). I have been shooting (safely) since I was old enough to understand the responsibility of handling a firearm. I am trained to shoot a semi-automatic military issued weapon at ranges up to 1000 yards accurately.

Would I use it protect my family? Most definitely. That is a right guaranteed to me by the Constitution. The police by nature cannot protect *me* 24/7. That is my own duty to my family.
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I have a gun in my house and none of my grandchildern have never touched it,and yes I would use it to keep my family safe.
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Yep I own one, as does hubby. Actually we own more than one. If someone tried to break in my home and do me harm you better believe I would protect myself. I'm a decent shot too and know right where to aim. Mike feels the same way I do, and our guns are put up in a safe place.
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I don't think I will ever own a gun, I'm kinda squimish when it comes to things like that.
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Personal gun ownership is more of a big deal in the US than here in Canada. Discussions concerning guns in Canada usually only come up in two areas: Hunters and Gang Violence. Besides hunters, I personally have never known anyone who has a gun for personal safety in the home.

But in the news, you always here about the family who wanted a gun for home protection. Yet they don't take lessons or secure the weapon properly or teach their kids about it. Eventually, their kids end up finding it and harming or killing themselves or someone else. The ignorance and lack of education is alarming.

I grew up around guns since my dad was a hunter. When I was young, my favourite gift was a BB gun! Most girls wanted dolls for Christmas, I wanted ammunition! I was a tomboy. Rob used to be a rifle instructor and his family also goes hunting every year. So we are both well acquainted with guns.

I would have no problem having a gun in the house, but I don't have an urgent need to run out and buy one. I would like to join a shooting club and take some classes on proper shooting techniques. I just haven't had the time or money. Once I get more practise, I would not have any fear of using a weapon for personal safety.

Recently in Canada, the government spent an obscene amount of money trying to make manditory registration for all older unregistered weapons. If you didn't register your gun, you could hand them in to a police station to dispose of it. This program was supposed to eliminate many older guns and prevent criminals from stealing guns from your home/cottage during home invasions.

It was a joke and didn't do anything for safety purposes. Can you see a drug dealer going to a government office to register his gun collection? All it did was make honest Canadians mad at the system and the government look stupid by wasting taxpayers money.
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My suicidal brother used to bring guns home and threaten to kill himself with them. I had to pull them away from him more than once. I have a great aversion to guns from these experiences and will never keep one in my house. Call me gun-phobic.
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I know it is needed for protection and all other reasons but when I touched one my skin crawled. Sorry, no way I can have one even if it meant my life! Voted for never,nada,nyet (obviously)
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I used to do competition shooting (rifles), and had a handgun when I lived in the U.S.. However, we haven't had one the whole time we've been living here, and I don't feel less safe.
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nope never will own one
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We don't own a gun. My dad, who is an avid hunter owns several rifles and shotguns- and all are locked and chained. Guns scare me way too much to have one in my house- I live in a very, very safe rural neighborhood, where people don't even lock their doors at night or when they go out, so I don't feel its necessary. Plunk me down in the middle of a high crime area, and my tune would undoubtedly change.
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I do own a gun, and have used it to protect myself from a rapist that broke down 2 doors to get in my house. I was never even taken to the police station and questioned about it. Turns out the guy had raped at least 6 women, probably many that did not report it, and had killed at least one in the commission of the rape. I have never lost a minute's sleep over it. If it came down to protecting me or mine, I would do it again.
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I will definetly own a gun. As you know Im currently trying to get one. I don't think Id have any seconds thoughts about using on an intruder, but you never know untill your in the situation. Who knows, mabye Id freeze up, but I severly doubt that.

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I don't really object to people having guns, or even to having guns in my house (used responsibly, legally, and under lock n key) but personally I don't think I would own a gun. A lot of my bf's have been gun freaks, and the only time that bother me was when one of their cars got repo'd and when he was cleaning it out he removed 4 guns from hidden compartments in his car. That freaked me out. But really I think that as long as criminals have guns we should be allowed to also. However I think you should have to take psychological tests prior to obtaining one, but that won't happen so whatever.
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Yes, I own guns. I grew up around them & was taught how to handle them responsibly from an early age.
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Bill and I are both armed. If I have to go out alone at night, my .38 goes with me.

We are both responsible owners: Bill grew up hunting and was in the military. In addition, he used to shoot competitively.

My dad was a career Marine and taught me to handle a weapon responsibly. I got a .22 rifle when I was ten.

Both of my sons were taught how to handle weapons. We stressed that these are not toys.

The media does not publicize how many crimes are PREVENTED each year, because a responsible, gun-owning citizen stopped a robber or rapist. When a disgruntled student shot up a small college in West Virginia, two other students subdued him. What wasn't generally publicized was that these two men, retrieved THEIR weapons from their vehicles and used those to stop the gunman from killing or hurting any more people.
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